Dirt Rally’s RX Update Brings In FIA World Rallycross Championship Cars & Tracks

Codemasters has released a free update to early access owners of Dirt Rally, adding FIA World Rallycross Championship cars and tracks. The RX update, as it is known, also adds some fixes including the ability to recognise more wheels. There are two new tracks are Höljes, Sweden and Lydden Hill, England, which both contain three routes to tackle.


The full list of changes is below.

  • Embark on a new World RX Career and Custom Events
  • Official FIA Rallycross Championship drivers, cars and liveries
  • Anti-cheat stuff which will stop the small few from messing up our leaderboards.
  • Ability to identify your device as a wheel if you own one which isn’t supported yet
  • A brand new DiRT Daily Event type where you’ll be competing against the community Delta
  • Ability to repair a puncture mid-stage
  • Ability to remove the drivers arms without causing him to bleedout
  • Now have the ability to return the wheel back to zero degrees when your car is reset

There will be a second RX pack later which will add more tracks and cars, as well as online competitive play.

Source: Codemasters



  1. So good that they partnered with WRX to bring a wider breadth of content. The puncture repair couldn’t come soon enough. One big jump on track and a tyre can blow out under load, and then you have to wait until repairs mid championship.

  2. “Ability to remove the drivers arms without causing him to bleed out”

    Erm, what?

    • And repair a puncture without the required operational limbs mid-stage. Whut? :P

      • The power of telepathy must have come on leaps and bounds!

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