Podcast: Episode 189 – Blues & Bullets, Angry Birds 2 & Gamescom

You may have noticed that it was Gamescom last week. Unfortunately we couldn’t bring Teflon onto the podcast, mostly because he was still at Gamescom, so instead we asked Aran to don his news editor hat and impart Lewis and I with some insight on the news from the show.

While the discussion of Gamescom did dominate, we did find a little time to talk about other things. Lewis has been playing Angry Birds 2, a game that he has found somewhat infuriating, while Aran shared his thoughts on Blues and Bullets.

Of course we rounded things off by answering your questions, which this week featured a rather lengthy discussion on the history of Metal Gear Solid.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. So I’m not alone in not playing any Mafia game before :P Well I played at my friend’s house a bit, but nothing big. I’m not interested that much, but I can imagine this was big news for many people.

    Tony Hawk must be desperate to release this :P I bet you guys are talking about the picture that was released while Gamescom, but after a while there was an interview on IGN with a video of the gameplay and it didn’t look that bad. It’s still looks gross, but not awful.

    Because I played Mirrors Edge a bit late and did not get the “WOW” effect that most people who played it early got. Nice game but nothing that special. The open world news sounds big, truly.
    Kris what about ladders and pipes? Can’t she climb those? :P

    Angry Birds…why God? -.-!

    Is it just me or are you guys playing less and less big games? Seems like the “what we did” section is getting smaller and smaller.

    I liked the recap speech about characters in question time :D Just hearing this made me realize how bonkers the whole plot is xD

    Enjoyable episode ^^ Glad to help if needed :P

  2. Thanks for the Steam Controller answer! I preordered one but cancelled it after seeing a few hands-on videos, it does indeed seem to be a confused mess of a thing.

    I’m extremely disappointed at your knowledge of the Metal Gear plot guys, this wouldn’t happen with the BBC. A brief summary before you play number five…

    Plenty of Big Boss winning related spoilers below…

    1: MGS3: Big Boss is apprentice of The Boss, the mother of special forces and the last boss in the game. The US Government set her up as a nuke and money stealing traitor. Big boss uncovers the truth, fights her and kills her anyway but gives the US the finger and nips off to brood.

    2: Peace Walker: It’s an unmanned Metal Gear that the KGB wants to fool into launching nukes and killing people. Its A.I. is modelled on The Boss, Big Boss wants to know why. He gathers a mercenary army on an oil rig using Fulton Recovery a lot, build his own Metal Gear (called Zeke, how cute!) and works with Chico and Paz to stop the Peace Walker. Big Boss wins. Then Paz betrays him because she’s secretly KGB, steals Zeke. They fight, Big Boss wins again. Paz’s KGB handler Zadornov has a red robo-hand, which is odd.

    3: Ground Zeroes: Chico and Paz are captured by that Skullface chap, Big Boss heads over to rescue them. £25 and an hour and a half later he has done but the evil baddies sewed a bomb into Paz’s stomach, bad things happen and the oil rig and Big Boss’s mercenary army live on is attacked. Big Boss doesn’t appear to have won, dun dun duuuuh!

    Hope that helped, if it didn’t go and play Peace Walker, it’s really very good :)

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