Podcast: Episode 192 – Amazing Spider-Man 2, Giana Sisters and I Am Bread

Lewis can be very mysterious. While he’s not on this week’s podcast, we actually have no idea why. All he told us was that he couldn’t make the podcast.

Fortunately you weren’t just left with Kev and I, as Dave made his second appearance on the podcast. He came with plenty to talk about, spending time telling us about Giana Sisters, Mega Man 2 and I Am Bread, which quickly spun into a discussion on games that are best played when streaming them out to an audience.

That was somewhat of a theme actually, as we spent a fair amount of time talking about streaming when the launch of YouTube Gaming cropped during the news. Also in the news this week were the recent changes to Destiny, or those changes as described by Tef when I asked him about them before the podcast, and the games arriving on PlayStation Plus in September.

Finally Kev and I got into a spoiler filled discussion of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but don’t worry it’s clearly marked in the podcast so you can avoid it if you’re yet to see the film.

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  1. Perfect :D Exactly what I was expecting from the ‘hello’ on Twitter. I knew that many L would be a problem, buahaha :P

    In terms of the changes coming to Destiny I recently written a article for http://www.pssite.com about everything that was announced for The Taken King so far. The game is changing so much it’s ridiculous, but the changes are most for the better what is great. Here’s the article, well it’s in Polish :P Skill level is not that much of a deal in Destiny Kris. Even people who don’t play shooters on consoles and are bad when they tried, are having a lot of fun because the only part when your skill is challenged in PvP, while most of the game in PvE.

    I don’t buy games via digital purchases and I favour buying the physical copy of a game that I play, so the PS+ line-up is great for me, as it gives me a lot of titles that I would naturally miss most of the indie titles. Having indies in PS+ in perfect for me.


    I like Twitch and I’m used to it so I’m going to stay there.

    Thanks for skipping the Spider Man part.

    Enjoyed the question, a few good ones there. Well done podcast chaps ^^

    • Another interesting Podcast. Thanks for answering my questions.

      It can be tricky to say what you mean in a tweet. With Neverwinter, the thing I like about it is you can play the game for free and do everything from the off. The progression works really well as you do not have to grind too much as the missions tend to push you through the levels. The reason I think it is a good free to play model is that I enjoyed the game and lack of pressure to spend money in game, that I did end up spending money in game as I wanted to support the developers and encourage this type of model.

      Regarding Destiny, I have only been playing a week or so, but love the world and fact that a rubbish FPS player like myself can find some fun in it. The PvE feels good like I am better than I am, and the PvP is no worse than anyother FPS in terms of balancing. I really like the world and hope they will continue to develop it. After buying an Xbox this generation for the first time ever I have found Halo much less interesting.

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