Super Meat Boy PS4 & Vita Release Date Appears To Be October 6th

A few months ago Team Meat announced that Super Meat Boy would be releasing on PS4 and Vita this autumn, with PlayStation Plus subscribers getting the game for no extra cost. While Team Meat is yet to confirm the date the listing for the game on PlayStation site suggests that Super Meat Boy will release on October 6th. The cost for those that aren’t subscribed to Plus is currently unknown.

Super Meat Boy has over 300 levels to play through over five chapters, as well as 16 unlockable characters to use in the game. Super Meat Boy has a reputation for being a game that is very challenging, and that reputation is well deserved. If you’re going into the game for the first time then don’t expect to be able to run through it quickly, as every moment can stop your progress.

Source: via Gamespot


  1. That’s a bit of crazy YouTube clip. I just has to have a look at what the game is about. It looks crazy hard but good fun. Platformers are boy thin on the ground but I love them, so I’ll enjoy this.

  2. I’ve been impatiently waiting for this ever since it was announced for PS4.

  3. Utterly perplexed, pathetic video with no clue as to what the game is about….utter waste of time!
    Fucking shambles of an advertisement!

    • Don’t worry yourself about it. The promotional video looks better than the actual game.

      • I have been enjoying your comments recently, keep them up! ;)

  4. Wow that graphics and game play so real. It is a game right there was no message saying ‘not an actual gameplay’ because I hate seeing that! It should be advertised with an actual game. Cannot wait for this….. man there are no pixels except on some dudes face that didn’t throw a meat!

    • Prepare yourself for another ‘pixel art’ game…

  5. It looks offal but hey – a free snack!

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