Japanese PlayStations Are Getting More Colourful And Less Expensive

And I so want that translucent DualShock 4...

It might have seemed like one of the more obvious accessories for Sony to sell alongside the PlayStation 4, but it’s only now that they’re gearing up to sell individual coloured replacements for the removable HDD panel from November 6th, in Japan.

There are nine colours to choose from, so if these make their way over to the rest of the world, you’ll be able to add a purple panel to your black PS4, a blue one to your white PS4, or completely ruin the look of your ultra-rare 20th Anniversary PS4 with a splash of pink. All for just 2500 yen (around £15).


There’s also four new DualShock 4 colour schemes on the way, with gold, silver and steel black seeming to take inspiration for Apple’s phones. Crystal, however, takes its cues from the good old days when entire consoles would ship made out of translucent plastic. You know, the 1990s.


This comes alongside a Japanese price drop for the PS4 hardware, down to 34,980 yen from 39,980 yen, which goes into effect on October 1st. Though that excludes sales tax in Japan, it translates to under $300 and under £200 at this time, though Japanese games companies have struggled with a strong yen impacting their global profit margins for a long time, so it’s not certain that we’ll see a similar price drop in the rest of the world.

As explained in the New York Times, even a small variance can have a major impact:

A strong yen hurts Japanese exporters because it makes their goods less competitive and erodes the value of their overseas earnings when repatriated into yen. Every time the dollar loses ¥1 in value, Toyota Motor loses about ¥30 billion in earnings per quarter, according to the automaker.

Finally, while we’re still stuck with a plain black 2nd generation of PS Vita hardware in the EU, Japan are also getting more colours for the handheld, with pastel blue and red alongside white and black.


  1. Or, save yourself some money and buy a nice pack of felt tip pens.

    Which may not work so well on a black PS4.

    Damn. I’ve not thought that through properly.

    Er, apply a layer of Tipp-Ex first? Then colour it in with the pens?

  2. Those colours don’t appeal to me but hopefully they will expand on it and produce some game-related covers too.

  3. I’m liking the look of the steel black controller.

    • Me too, it’s very pretty, I’m guessing it’s the same as the Phantom Pain one but without the game branding? I do like the look of the clear one too, I always wanted a clear N64.

      My super bland anniversary grey DS4 was dispatched today! Anyone else getting one?

      • Didn’t realise you could order the anniversary controllers. If we get these colours, I’ll probably invest in the steel black one as the battery life in my usual 2 seems to be degrading already. I only seem to get about 5hrs out of them.

      • Yeah they were released today, it’s a limited run I believe. Have a look on Amazon.

  4. Could I get a translucent cover to match my new controller?

  5. My dark blue DS4 is doing just fine thank you. I binned my 2 black day-one DS4s as they both went wonky after 12 months – thumb pads wore away, batteries seemed to die and some very odd movements were happening on screen (presumably due to the DS4s just taking their last breaths).

    • You binned them?

      What! I would’ve had them off you to replace those broken thumb sticks!

  6. Not too fussed about the PS4 colours but I want that Crystal DS4. A Crystal PS4 to go with it would be cool.

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