Metal Gear Online Is Shown, Features Quiet’s Ass

Do you want to look a a digital representation of a female butt cheeks encased in the skimpiest of pants? Then Metal Gear Online is for you. Here it is, you need to skip forward to 13m30s for some gameplay, and around 15m30s there’s a great bit where the camera almost zooms in to Quiet’s butt.


There’s probably some other stuff but to be honest I can’t be bothered to write about it, the whole thing is making me very depressed.

There is also a shorter video that you can check out, narrated in English.

Source: YouTube. Thanks duke.



  1. The MGS games really don’t interest me at all (stealthy bollocks) so I’ve not actually seen much of it in action.

    But that really is just ridiculous. And previous comments from Hideo Kojima really don’t help. You’re supposed to be ashamed once you realise it’s for plot reasons, and not just an excuse for effectively naked ladies?

    And yet somehow the game got good reviews, with hardly any mention of it? Or if it was mentioned, it didn’t affect the scores, when it really should have.

    • I’m surprised there hasn’t been more of a thing made out of this. She’s a woman and her name is Quiet for crying out loud. I remember when the internet nearly exploded because AC Unity didn’t have any playable female assassins and this is much worse imo. She’s half naked, overly sexualised and there are toys with squishy boobs. If this was AC Syndicate there would have been lawsuits. Why the double standards?

      • AC Unity had a good reason why you couldn’t do the co-op missions as a female assassin. And yet the internet decide to have a good moan about it for some stupid reason.

        But everyone seems to like Hideo Kojima, even when he’s being a complete arse about it.

        If it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t like the games anyway, I’d make a point of not buying it. (It’s the stealthy nonsense I don’t like. And the cutscenes that go on for 4 hours at a time)

      • I just find it hypocritical for the people who threatened to boycott AC Unity with accusations of sexism are now keeping ‘Quiet’ about this actual sexism because it’s their favourite franchise and they admire it’s creator.

        Either you’re against the objectification or exclusion of women or you aren’t. You can’t pick a choose when it suits.

      • Absolutely. If you complained about ACU but not MGS, you’re a hypocrit.

        But ACU was a big fuss over nothing. There was a very clear reason why you couldn’t play as a female assassin. You were playing as the main, male assassin. Everyone played as the same character.

        In MGS, you’ve got a blatant case of something ridiculously offensive for no reason other than he wanted to put a nearly naked woman in.

        And yet everyone loves Hideo Kojima and MGS, so he gets away with it. And it’s a thing now to just have a go at Assassin’s Creed every year, before the game is even released. Which is stupid.

      • First of I’d just like to say I’m not trying to justify Quiet or saying it’s not sexist.

        However I think that there wasn’t a big deal made of this for the following.

        It was created by a Japanese company and Japanese media (especially 2D) is know for being overly sexualised.

        MGS has been this way for a long time. I recall there being a button prompt during MGS3 Snake Eater cut scenes that allowed you to stare at Eva’s breasts. Also there’s posters of women in swimsuits hidden in the inside of locker doors.

        Could this also not be comparable to having “Bond-Girls” in James Bond movies, they are always seen in small amounts of clothing.

      • Well said zak!

      • MGS already had a Bond Girl. It was MGS 3’s Eva and there was a fantastic reason for having her act the way she did along with Naked Snake being a bit of a perv.

        Quiet, on the other hand, fails to be a bond girl. Basically, the entire reason is something that will make you go “Ok.” or “That’s bullshit.” She fails to replace Eva as MGS’s bond girl.

      • I think that a lot of reviews and opinion pieces about the game do address Quiet in one way or another. My posts certainly did, and I do agree that it’s excessive, but I don’t think I’d say it’s offensive, just very, very stupid. Moving beyond her attire, she’s actually a very good character, both as a companion and the overall story arc, it’s just that the directing means that the camera lingers on her body to an uncomfortable degree.

        But it’s also important to realise that she’s almost entirely optional. When you first meet her, you do not then have to induct her into the Diamond Dogs if you don’t want to, and if that’s the case, then she plays no further role in the story. At the same time, once you’ve rescued any of the female prisoners and put them in your Mother Base Combat Unit, you can then play as that character instead of Big Boss.

      • So now we’ve had the “it’s Japanese” argument, and the “previous games did it” argument. And James Bond films have been doing it since the 60s.

        None of which means it’s right. None of which makes it any less of a stupid, embarassing thing to put in a game.

        You want games to be taken seriously? Stop putting that sort of shit in. (Don’t get me started on the weekly PS Store update that seems to just consist of tits! Although this week’s DoA5 DLC seems to have less than normal)

      • When the gaming media launch sexism slander campaigns against some games (for lesser ‘crimes’) and completely ignore others (for actually objectifying women) it’s unfair and hypocritical.There need’s to be some consistency. You can’t get on your soapbox and preach about how women are misrepresented in (or excluded from) some games and then be all fine with it in others because ‘that’s the way it’s always been’. That’s like saying Japanese people are a bit backwards and they don’t understand that having a female character walk around like a two dollar hooker for a few cheap thrills, so let’s just laugh it off and carry on. It’s wrong, but hey they’re Japanese. It doesn’t matter where the game is made or who by. It is what it is.

      • This is a pickle, I can see both points in the argument and I think zakwhorules makes some good points regarding Japanese culture, and I do think that’s relevant here. But if we say its a problem in MGS then we must address the same in these manga JRPG’s, but we don’t as we accept that’s the way those games are.

        I think the thing that doesn’t help MGS’s case is what Tef says, and he hits the nail on the head “directing means that the camera lingers on her body to an uncomfortable degree”. For me the game doesn’t need to have a sexy character and the directing is a bit of a disappointment due to it’s overkill. It’s like when you watch a film and there’s unnecessary boobs or todger – when they just put it in there for “shock” value but does nothing for the story.

        Where is the line between objectifying a women, and appreciating a powerful, sexy and strong female character? Admittedly, I think on this occasion Kojima has overdone it, hence my previous paragraph. But hey, Snake, Nathan Drake, and most male protagonists are usually well toned individuals with all their own hair. ;)

      • Who fancies a game of Dead or Alive Volleyball? ;)

    • It amazing that all the fuss, comments for and against, and negative press, could have been completely avoided with a few extra pixels.

  2. *skips to 15:30*

    • Snap! I think it looks great.
      What happened to ‘sex sells’?! It’s been going on for years.

      • I’m a guy and it’s controversial, of course I’m going to look! ;)

        I’m not going to get caught up in the objectifying women business, although am sure it happens in videogames. I don’t make the games, I just play them :)

      • I think giving in to manly urges is perfectly acceptable, nothing wrong with a little bit of battle bottom!

      • Totally agree. In fact, I think we should make 1 word for Battle Bottom – BUTTLE

  3. All that diving around is really going to scrape her knees. Won’t somebody think of her knees!?

    • Maybe she’ll need an operation on her knees, like Britney Spears.

      • I won’t ask how Britney developed knee problems.

      • Leave Britney alone! :)

      • ^Amphlett. I’m sure she probably fell in a ravine whilst helping an old lady cross the street, before ending world hunger and finding a cure for aids.

      • Ok, so it looks like she did actually have knee surgery. By the incident I was referring to was when she went in for “knee” surgery (wink, wink), and was discharged from hospital with larger breasts. I’m no surgeon, but….

      • Never mind Britney, I think Sam Fox should have a starring role in MGS. Everything suits her down to a tee, even her name goes with half the nicknames the soldiers get.
        Put enough GMP into weapons research and you may unlock the SAMBOMB!

      • Double-O Dave, can you imagine Sam getting down and crawling along the floor in that skimpy outfit though? I think she may have a couple of obstacles. BOOM!

  4. This is a much better video with an English commentary.

  5. This is rather unsurprising due to Quiet literally being an excuse to have tits and ass to stare at in MGS V. I mean, she is rather sexy but as a character? Er… she’s not that bad but fails to even live up to Eva.

    So milking Quiet is not a good idea as it just reinforces that Kojima wanted to have a woman in nothing but a thong and bra with leggings and boots in his game.

    Couldn’t we just have another Eva? I mean, she was done much better and she actually had a big role in the game instead of being a side character.

    • “milking Quiet”, surely that’s below the lines of common decency for this website!

  6. I have my foot planted fimly in the “I literally could not care less” camp on the issue of Quiet. That being said, it is starting to become annoying with how much this site has been recently harping on about it, and how much it seems to have overshadowed the actual game itself.

    No offence to anyone intended, but for years this is the only site I’ve used for news about upcoming games, and (for the most part) unbiased reviews, not to hear people whining about the “objectification of digitalised ass pixels”. Sorry if that comes across as harsh.

    • It’s especially ridiculous when the same writer of this article wrote a preview of the next WWE game and turned it into a homo-erotic article full of innuendo.

      • Yes, mentioning the titles of a couple of videos is obviously turning it into something homo-erotic and packed full of innuendo. Well, 2 innuendos.

        Which is obviously exactly the same as someone putting an effectively naked woman into their game because, er, what was the reason again now? There wasn’t one, other than he wanted sexy ladies in the game, was there?

        Yes. Exactly the same.

      • There’s a massive difference between Metal Gear Solid and WWE. MGS is not known for piss poor reasons to feature women that barely wear anything. The other is WWE, which views it’s divas division as eye candy and doesn’t use it properly. The whole reason why there was a big fuss was because Quiet is not normal for MGS. If it was DOA, it wouldn’t matter. But this is MGS, a heavily story driven game which little to no room for piss poor reasons to feature almost naked women.

        Also, did you really expect Tuffcub to not to take advantage of an annual wrestling game(Which the entire sport does tend to feature huge guys in their pants) and does what he is known for?

    • My issue isn’t with the objectification of women exactly. Though it is a little cringeworthy to see grown men delight in a pixelated ass. But hey, who am I to judge?

      My issue is that there was a media storm when AC Unity didn’t have any playable female assassins. Allegations of sexism, all boys club blah blah blah. Where’s the storm over this? Is it because it’s a highly anticipated instalment of a much loved franchise? A case of ‘we’re enjoying this game too much, screw that article we wrote about our concerns over sexism in the gaming industry, this is too much fun, pow pow pow, check out the ass on that ho, fap fap fap’.

      You can guarantee that the sexism row will raise it’s head again at some point in the future. And depending on which game it is (clearly), the gaming media will turn up the dial on the ‘outrage’ meter. Article after article about how women are unfairly represented. All the while, completely forgetting how much praise and how little ‘outrage’ there was over a bikini wearing woman in MGSV named ‘Don’t speak until spoken to woman’, sorry I mean ‘Quiet’. And some of the same people enjoying this game right now, will jump on the bandwagon and chirp up with their concerns. But only if they don’t like the particular franchise in question or if it wasn’t made in Japan.

      Either you’re against something or you’re not. You can’t change your views on the subject depending on how highly you rate a particular game or franchise.

      • Because MGS has always featured a male protangist and most people are aware that it would make no sense for Big Boss or Solid Snake to suddenly get dropped just to feature a woman for the sake of having a female lead. That said, the only woman to fill that role would have to be the Boss and she would be an excellent character due to what she is. Quiet, it’s not really sexist. It’s partially tied into the plot why she is Quiet and I won’t say any more due to spoilers. Also, it’s a small minority that loves to paint games as anti-female and will never ever feature women in a fair light….

        by bashing games that either don’t give a rat’s arse about what gender their main character is or does a fantastic job with it’s female lead. And I think, at the time Unity came out, a certain person who is known to be “exploring females in gaming”(read:Poorly research and flat out refuses to play the games she uses in her show to further her agenda) used Unity despite the fact that gaming has had playable leads in the past. That and it may have been Ubisoft misleading peopled due to the main characters being in love thus little reason why we couldn’t play from the woman’s view.

      • Ah, the reason Quiet is running around almost naked. From what I’ve heard, that basically comes down to “shit, we need an excuse for this crap, so here’s some complete bollocks”

        His comments on Twitter tell a different story. He told the art director to “make the character more erotic”. Then changed his mind and claimed he meant “sexy” and not “erotic”. So they could sell more squeezy titted toys. And to encourage cosplay. (With a handy picture for anyone thinking of dressing up as her. The picture was just a close up of her arse)

        Then he pulled the “there’s a reason for it, and you should be ashamed of yourselves if you disagree with it” thing.

        I’ve got absolutely no problem with him doing that, of course. It’s his game. Free speech and all that. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t allowed to object to it. Even if everyone’s “favourite”, vaguely organised, right-wing internet hate group thinks otherwise.

    • MadYetHatless: “objectification of digitalised ass pixels” – I shall use that next time :)

      Let’s be clear, there’s nothing wrong with some sexy content in games, in fact I’m all for it. However it’s clear that Quiet’s ass is on display just so you can stare at her ass, and that’s just childish.

      It’s playground stuff, “Ooh, i can see up your skirt!” – that’s what is sad and pathetic and rather depressing, not that that fact that Quiet has a nice ass. Not as nice as Snake’s in MGS 4, obviously, that was almost as obscene how tight his buns were, but at least he had the fortune (read: Kojima decided) to keep them covered in a full body suit.

      As for me turning WWE in to something homoerotic packed full of innuendo, I think the boat has sailed on that VERY long time ago.

      • Shhh! Don’t mention the “buns”.

        That’s part of the Secret Gay Agenda. In over 90% of all games (at least, those with a third person view) you’re staring at a man-arse for hours at a time. Until you decide you like them.

        You’ve just mentioned another point that annoys me though. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating that a man or woman looks nice. Some people on both sides of the argument seem to think there is. You can’t object to the childish, pointlessly sexual things while quietly thinking “hmm, he/she looks nice”. Otherwise you’re apparently a hypocrite and the pointless crap should be allowed. Or your evil for ever thinking anyone looks nice. (And presumably any adult situations you ever participate in occur completely in the dark with minimal clothing removed and nobody enjoys it at all)

      • Oddly I was watching Third Rock From The Sun on E4 very early this morning and they featured this very topic.

        John Lithgow’s character was trying to work out what was erotic and was not, and was using examples of a nude lady in Playboy, and a nude lady in an 18th century painting. He couldn’t work out how the humans could judge one as sexy and one as not.

        For the record Quiet has a lovely ass. It just doesn’t need to be the focus of a video game.

      • John Lithgow’s character?

        You mean Dick, don’t you. I’m surprised you forgot that, or didn’t manage to squeeze it in somehow.

  7. Sigh, I’m actually really enjoying metal gear solid V, one of the best games i’ve played on the PS4. I do agree having quiet in a bikini is unnecessary, other than that she is a pretty useless character and buddy. But the whole fuss over her is a bit ridiculous, this type of stuff is everywhere, magazines films etc. But for some reason there is uproar because she’s in a game. Or people obsessing over her. They do no she isn’t actually real…Right?


    I’d prefer if she was left out of the game, her cut scenes seem a bit..pointless to the story? plus the fact that you could kill her completely out the game from your first point of contact. Maybe I should have…but I hear theres extra missions with her in the game so I kept her in.

    • I take it spoiler tags don’t work. haha

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