The PES 2016 Launch Trailer Has Arrived

Awwww, everyone show the PES 16 launch trailer some love and hugs. Poor Pro Evo, the only surviving Konami franchise to appear on consoles from now on, it must be a bit lonely.


Maybe we can get #HugsForPES trending on Twitter.

Source: YouTube



  1. Looks like a last generation game

    • But plays far better than any other football game.

      The trailer looks great to me. Almost as good as the game but not quite.

      • I find the arcade feel about the games has gone. Feels far too technical. The days of running through the whole team and then scoring a cracking goal Are long gone. Tackling is hard too

      • play it on beginner mode then.

  2. I’m still enjoying last years pes as I only got it about a month ago, when this is down to £15 I’ll get it ;)

  3. Bought it, great game. Haven’t bought a PES game in years since it really went massively down hill and FIFA came on in leaps and bounds but the roles are definitely reversing somewhat.

    Don’t get e wrong, as an all round game, FIFA is still king. Better looking, better game modes, better presentation. But in the end, when it comes to on the pitch, PES is so much more realistic and believable. Nothing beats scoring a screamer in either game but in PES, it makes you feel like you’ve earned it, that would you did really was quite special.

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