Rainbow Six Siege Doesn’t Have A Traditional Single Player Campaign

In a disappointing piece of news, it turns out that Rainbow Six: Siege will miss out on having a traditional single player campaign, instead using solo and co-op play as a way of preparing you for the online multiplayer which has starred in every public showing of Rainbow Six so far.

Speaking to PCGamesN, Art Director Scott Mitchell said that, “There is no story mode per se. You go through training, where you get to experience different operators and their devices. You can play against enemy AI in co-op through all the maps. You can customise matches, so that’s what we’re offering on the single-player side of things.”

However, it doesn’t seem that Ubisoft are alone in making such a move. After years of criticism for the lacklustre stories in the Battlefield games, EA have avoided having a full story mode in Star Wars: Battlefront, and last generation versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be missing out on the single player and co-op aspects of the game – albeit due to hardware limitations rather than a specific design decision.

Though it will be disappointing for those who enjoyed Rainbow Six single player in the past, is there maybe a counterpoint to all those who complain about tacked on multiplayer experiences, to avoid a tacked on single player?

Source: PCGamesN

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  1. I’ve just started a thread in the forums ranting about this game…


    Rainbow 6 something or other years ago, then Vegas 1 & 2 were amongst the best single player campaign experiences I’ve ever had (Not to mention the Terrorist Hunts) – Not that it matters though, because from what I’ve played of the beta, it doesn’t resemble any of the games I came to love at all. Seems to me like they’ve just tacked on the Rainbow 6 name onto a 5 x 5 siege game that doesn’t interest me at all.

    Can’t believe how happy I was when they announced & showed concept gameplay for R6 Patriots, then they bin it off and release this rubbish! Excuse my language, but, what the f**k?!

    • Where the hell is the cover system too? One of the best things about Vegas 1 & 2 was the cover (1st to 3rd person) system… I know, why not leave it out Ubisoft?! & then, make a game that nobody asked for & ignore all the R6 fans who loved the single player campaign & ‘good’ terrorist hunts!

      • you must of been typing that at the same time as me lol =)

    • language excused!
      not what i dreamed of in a million years..quite right Dave,its nothing like a rainbow six game..where is the cover and lean mechanics?
      and it looks absolutely shite the guns don’t work and those bloody explosive guys are nigh on impossible to kill.

      definitely not on my wish list now.

      • Agreed. It is only a beta, but it does look pretty shite. I can’t see them improving the visuals that much. Actually, is it even going to be a full price game?

  2. Didn’t see that coming, remember this was originally Rainbow 6 Patriots and that looked to have a very thought out story mode. To scrap it altogether when it must have had a huge amount of time spent on it is very surprising.

    The Call of duty one is less surprising given how last gen sales have dropped off a lot now.

  3. I cancelled my preorder yesterday when I saw the news, no single player coupled with what I’ve seen on twitch doesn’t give me much faith. It’s a huge disappointment for my most anticipated game of the year. Depending on the general feedback after its release (let’s hope that the online actually works), I might pick it up after Christmas.

  4. Got a whole lot less interesting. Sure, really good multiplayer games like Warhawk that started out as online only should be online only. Games that have previously had campaigns should at least have one because the fanbase will have been invested in past campaigns.

    R6 Vegas for example was fantastic online and offline. A real underrated gem from last gen. I don’t expect the Heaven and Earth from this though. With Battlefront and Blops 3, it could fall by the wayside….

  5. Unless it’s a game as big as CoD, you wonder how many people will still be playing an online-only game 6 months from now, or how long the servers will be kept active.

    Since they scrapped a campaign mode it might have been better as a PS+ title with micro-transactions – would also mean the online community might have higher numbers down the line (if a lot of people own it), and they drip-fed content over a long period. Obviously it might sell shit-loads and have a popular following, I have been wrong before.

    From what I’ve seen (and possibly played – shh, NDA), you die so quickly it’s very unforgiving. I know it’s probably aiming for ultra-realistic, but it certainly doesn’t motivate me to play when I go to a lot of trouble, only to die as soon as someone lays eyes on me.

  6. I find this whole shift towards multiplayer only gaming a bit depressing tbh but they wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t insanely popular.

    I know I’m in the minority but the only reason I play these games is for the single player campaign.

  7. For me I don’t mind if they concentrate on a MP only experience, that’s fine if that’s the direction they want to take. A bigger issue for me is that this is half the game of older RS titles yet it’s priced the same (actually more). So how does that balance up? We are meant to help pay for the development hell this has clearly gone through?

  8. I’d buy it if they introduced just two levels where you have to wrestle Sam Fox to the ground.

    • And there it is ladies & gentlemen… the SAMBOMB!

    • Didn’t she come from the island of LESBOS???

  9. That’s a shame because I came away from the beta feeling like it reminded me very much of the MP side of R6:Vegas (with extra gadgets and no 3rd person cover system), but was only half the game..

    I thought new versions were supposed to be more of the same, not less?

  10. Well, Ubisoft have helped me decide not to buy this game. I’m not a fan of MP only; it has to really wow me to be interested (see Warhawk – that hasn’t been matched since its release in my opinion). Same goes for Battlefront…still not sure on that one even though i’m a massive Star Wars fan.

    No campaign, no sale!

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