New Dragon Quest Heroes Trailer Explains Monster Medals

A new trailer for Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and The Blight Below has been released, with narration provided by King Doric. The almost five minute long trailer shows quite a bit of gameplay footage, including the abilities of the various heroes that can be used in game. They aren’t the main focus though as this trailer shows how you can gain advantages in battle.


One such way is by acquiring Monster Medals, which are captured when defeating certain beasts. Once captured you can use the Monster Medals to summon the related monster to help in battle. A brief look at the merchants is also given, showing the upgrades they can provide for when you have to face a challenging monster.

Dragon Quest Heroes will release on October 16th  for PS4. A PS3 version was released in Japan but hasn’t been confirmed for Europe or North America.

Source: Press Release