EU PS Store Update: 06/10/15 – Uncharted, Rock Band & Star Wars Battlefront Beta

As the first store update of the month, it’s time to make sure to grab all of your PlayStation Plus games, which include Super Meat Boy making its first appearance on Sony’s consoles this week.

Sony are pinning their Christmas first party hopes on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection this week, with little else to shout about from their in house dev teams until next year, while there’s also a bit of a blast from the past as Rock Band 4 marks the first major game release of its ilk in half a decade.


Beyond that, Transformers: Devastation with get disguised robot fans salivating, Dungeon Defenders 2 brings Early Access to the PS4 and there’s a Star Wars Battlefront beta kicking off on the 8th.

It’s a busy week, so scroll down for the full store update, courtesy of the EU PS Blog.



PS Vita


Samurai Warriors 4-II

  • Various weapon and scenario packs
    From £3.99/€3.29

Rocksmith 2014

  • Blues Rock Song Pack

Transformers: Devastation

  • Various packs

Rock Band

  • Assorted tracks
    From £0.79/€0.69

Dungeon Defenders II

  • Assorted packs
    From £4.49/€5.49

The Pinball Arcade

  • Assorted tables
    From £3.99/€4.99

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

  • Assorted costumes
    From £0.79/€0.99


  1. Dengeki Bunko – great to have for PS3 – do we know if a PAL PS4 release is happening?

  2. Super Meat Boy is a bit broken in the controls department. It seems very reluctant to admit you wanted to jump. Which made some of the levels a bit harder than they needed to be. Although strangely the first “boss” was easier than the levels before it.

  3. anybody know how to tell what dialogue options you’re selecting in Broken age on PS4?
    there’s no highlight, or pointer or anything that shows which option you’re choosing.

    not a problem for the Vita version as you can directly select which option to say, though that also highlights which option you’re selecting so why doesn’t the PS4 version.

    i’m making an assumption that at some point you will have to make crucial dialogue decisions, hard to do when you don’t know which option you’ll be choosing.

    i hope this is just a bug and not a design choice, because if it is a choice, it’s a fucking stupid one.

    • I went to the Double Fine forums to post about the issue there.
      but after registering, there are no options for posting, well, anything.

      i posted a video on my YT channel showing the issue.

      also, i think i need to change the volume setting in Share Factory or something, that’s really quiet.
      it was louder in the game.

    • seems to be a persistent problem too, restarting the game and console didn’t fix the issue.

      that’s actually really pissed me off.

      i was really looking forward to the game and i get it and the dialogue menu’s broken.

      • What exactly is the problem? The option you’re selecting shows up in a different colour? As your video shows? How much clearer than that could it be?

      • yeah, about that. >_>

        seems the problem isn’t with the game.

        but rather my eyes.

        once it was pointed out to me i could just about see the highlight on the video, though i swear, i just can’t see it at all on my PS4, the cheap tv i’m using it on in my bedroom probably isn’t helping with that.

        but it seems i might be a little bit colour blind or something.

        still, at least the game’s fine, and the highlight is very clear on the Vita version.
        i’ll have to try it on my PSTV and see it it’s clearer on TV there, or if it’s just the quality of the Vita screen that makes it easier for me to see it.

        assuming it works on the PSTV.

        i remember having trouble with some match three games years ago where the colours where too similar and i couldn’t tell the difference, but i’d forgotten about that since i haven’t had the issue for years.

        guess i’ll be playing the Vita version.
        or try putting my PS4 back in the living room, but then i can’t play the Elder Scrolls Online in bed.

      • That is going to be a massive issue for me. I struggle with a lot of games being colour blind and in that video I cannot see a difference in the shading of the dialog options.

        More developers need to take this into account and give us colour blind options. Even just a cursor next to the selected option would fix that.

  4. The colours they decided to use for the highlighted and non-highlighted options are a pretty bad choice, really. White and not quite so white? What were they thinking?

    I’m not surprised some people might have issues if they’ve got poor eyesight or a crap TV. Anyone with actual colour-blindness is probably going to struggle even more. (Although that may depend on which of the several types affects you)

    Why are these things not caught when the games are submitted to Sony? They’ve been very good on accessibility with all those controller remapping (and other) options on the PS4, but when games are submitted to them, their quality control seems to consist of “does it make anything explode? No? Fine, it’s in”. Then again, it’s the developer that needs to do it right in the first place. Or Sony could get a lot of good publicity by saying they’ll make sure these things are done right to start with. And a lot of moaning from the internet when games are delayed slightly to fix things.

    It’s also quite likely that the developers are on dodgy legal ground too, should anyone wish to complain. The basic legal principle is that if it’s not going to be excessively expensive or impractical, you can’t do anything that discriminates against anyone with any sort of disability. Changing the colour of some text wouldn’t affect anything else in the game and you probably couldn’t argue it’s disproportionately expensive. And it may affect several percent of users.

    That’s turning into a bit of a rant there. Doesn’t affect me personally, but really, this sort of stuff is so simple, why is it even happening these days?

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