Watch Five Minutes Of Umbrella Corps Gameplay

Here’s an idea: Let’s pretend this isn’t a Resident Evil game. In fact, that seems to be the case as the video title, and indeed the game logo, doesn’t mention Resident Evil at all.

In which case, hey, look, this looks like a fast paced shooter set in a zombie filled world. It looks quite good, it’s going to be cheap ($29.99 in the States), and it seems to be running very smoothly. Looks rather good, doesn’t it?

The video shows two squads from the development team at Capcom playing the One Life Match Mode. As you might expect, this mode doesn’t let you respawn so when you are dead, you a dead.

Source: YouTube


  1. “Let’s pretend this isn’t a Resident Evil game.”
    Video: “Hey everybody from the Resident Evil team this is Mike.”


    I suppose once again the danger in this zombie game is the other players, rather than the zombies. The zombies are just very un-threatening hazards in the level.

    • Ha :) There’s no mention of RE on the Capcom blog that posted the video, or on the logo or anywhere else. Maybe no one told the devs :)

  2. That “BRINK OF VICTORY” message flashing up every 2 seconds looks fucking annoying!

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