Developer Lets Slip About Rainbow Credits For Rainbow Six: Siege

Well it appears one of the developers for Rainbow Six: Siege, Scott Mitchell, has let the cat out of the bag about something called Rainbow Credits that will appear in the game. These are different from the current earn-able in game currency called Renown which can be used for unlocks, but aside from the small slip there are no details about the credits. The revelation came from an interview conducted by Angry Joe, with the moment occurring at approximately the nine minute mark in the video below.


Joe asks Scott what Rainbow Credits are at which point Scott turns to a member of the PR team. He asks whether they’re talking about the credits yet and is met with a firm no. Ubisoft may not be talking about them yet but others are, so we’d expect some news on them soon. Whether they are microtransactions or a different type of in game currency is yet unknown.

Source: Youtube via GAF

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  1. anybody remember that consumables idea ms had?

    how long till you have to buy the bullets for these games?

  2. This game is going to bomb so badly.

  3. Microtransactions – we, as consumers, are the only one responsable for their spred. We just have to say NO.

    • Sorry for the typos. Can’t we get an edit button ?

      • I have asked but “computer says no”

      • You can, but it’ll cost you £1 an edit. ;)

  4. I’m not surprised, I think all Ubisoft game follow a similar business model nowadays.

    They belong in a freemium/f2p game, but plenty of people buy them, even ask for it as a feature.

    The game looks like the dogs dinner aswell and would have been average for a PS360 game. No campaign despite earlier hinting there could be. It hasn’t got a great deal going for it.

  5. I cancelled my pre-order when I found out there was no single player campaign. The Beta wasn’t all that impressive either.

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