Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back Expansion Now Available

Arrowhead has released a new expansion for Helldivers, entitled Democracy Strikes Back, is out now for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. It is a free expansion with the main addition being the Retalitory Strike mission, in which players can drop into enemy strongholds and try to gain control of them. The rank levels have also been increased to 50, and the expansion also adds the groundwork for the Terrain and Precision expert packs that will be available to buy from the store tomorrow.

The Terrain Specialist pack includes the All Terrain Boots perk that makes movement through hard terrain faster, There’s also the Missile Barrage Stratagem weapon which is a portable missile launcher that can target areas. There’s cosmetic items too in the form of a uniform, helmet, cape, and armour. The Precision Expert pack has the Precision Call In perk which lowers stratagem call in time by one second. The additional stratagem is called Precision Artillery Strike, which is fired in a tight cluster that is similar to the Railcannon strike. Again there are cosmetic items here too.

Source: PS Blog