Masters Of The Galaxy Expansion Drops Into Helldivers Tomorrow

Arrowhead’s latest co-operative barnstormer has seen a pleasing form of post-launch support, with both free content updates that provide new challenges to tackle alongside reinforcement DLC packs to give you more options when in combat.


The Masters of the Galaxy expansion lands tomorrow, bringing a new Bug, Cyborg and Illuminate “Master” boss to battle, which are truly imposing foes to look at. Helping you take them down, you can buy the new Entrenched Pack, which brings a new turret, shield and barbed wire, there’s some new pistols in the appropriately named Pistols Pack, and a new walker and tank are joined by a motorbike with side car in the Vehicles Pack.

In addition to this, they also announced that the Helldivers Super-Earth Ultimate Edition would be making its way to retail and the PS Store on August 26th. It was proudly proclaimed that, alongside a PS4 disc, it includes downloadable versions for PS3 and PS Vita, as well as all the expansions, DLC packs and bonus weapon packs that will have been released at that point.


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  1. Impulse bought this last night and while I’ve only played an hour or so, it seems to be a really cool game.. The ‘Starship Troopers’ is beautifully captured and seems to require a certain amount of strategy to survive. :)

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