Helldivers Upcoming Free DLC Update Detailed

Arrowhead Games have released three videos which detail the forthcoming free “Turning up the Heat” update to Helldivers.


Alongside new levels, enemies and tweaks the game will increase the level cap to 27 and include six new trophies. There is no release date for the DLC at present, but why not check out the videos below.

Source: YouTube



  1. Looks good! Great game but content was a bit lacking so this will be good to mix things up a bit and keep things fresh.

    • Might have to add you if you’re on this now and again. Only 1 person on my friends list has it.

  2. Bonus! I’m still enjoying this game a hell of a lot.
    I’m glad they’ve raised the level cap to 27 as I’m rapidly approaching 25. Well, saying that, I’m at level 22 but get the impression it’s gonna take a while now to level up to 23.
    Many other TSAer’s play this?

    • I’ve got it I play it now and again in between destiny sessions add me if you want psn chucknorrislives

  3. One of the most fun games with friends on PS4 when it works but it’s horribly crippled by the multi-player system that simply doesn’t work a lot of the time if you want to play with friends. Are they going to fix that?

    • Mine seems to work fine, but are you having difficulties joining friends whilst they’re on the ship?
      I noticed in the settings after you’ve clicked into multiplayer, the ‘hide games on ship’ (or something similar) was checked, so I couldn’t join a friend if they weren’t on a planet until I unchecked it.

      • Trying to join friends via the friend list in game rather than match making. It’s never worked consistently for us and usually fails. Last couple of sessions we tried together we just ended up giving up after 30 minutes or so of frustration.

      • Actually, now you say it, I may have had that problem a couple of times when I was on the spacecraft, but it’s been OK lately. I only have 1 friend who has the game so maybe I haven’t come across the problem so much.

        Saying that, I’m still sure one of us had something unusual checked in the multiplayer options (whilst you click multiplayer, with sessions on left & friends on right) which was causing a problem. It may be worth having a look if you haven’t already.

  4. The dlc trophys look interesting the update just downloaded

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