Shadow Of The Beast Gets A New Trailer

Fresh from, where else, the Paris Games Show we have four shiny new screens for the rebooted Amiga classic, Shadow of the Beast. Heavy Spectrum are hard at work on the game and have assistance from some of the original Pysgnosis crew.

” I don’t really think fans of the original games could ask for a better suited developer to revisit and reimagine Shadow of the Beast,” said Tef in his preview, check out the screens see if he’s right.

UPDATE: There’s also a new trailer!



  1. Not convinced by this yet, but I really hope it turns out to be great.

  2. It looks a lot like how I remember the original to be, although I know the Amiga couldn’t produce images of that quality, but I guess nostalgia is funny like that.. Still a good sign tho.

  3. I remember this game when it was on the Sega master system. I loved the eerieness of it

  4. Haha, I played it on the Atari ST. Atmosphere was great, I agree.

  5. This looks like my cup of tea, pity that I’m more of a coffee person.

  6. I had a very quick go and also watched some play-throughs on a demo at EGX. What I noticed was that thought the game looks great for a side-scroller, the jumping from ledge to ledge appeared to be quite clunky and a little frustrating. I hope they smooth this out before release.

  7. This was one of the few cartridge games i had on C64 or Amiga, the parallax scrolling was like some sort of graphics wizardry at the time, lol, how things have changed.

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