Aqua Moto Racing Utopia Now Coming To PlayStation 4

I’m a sucker for arcade racers and there haven’t been that many recently, so hurrah for Zordix who are bringing the previously Wii U exclusive Aqua Moto Racing Utopia to PlayStation 4.


“Our spells spun together visions of a future to come, sound and movement that helps bring calmness to a life of stressful storm, bring vivid color to a life of dull gray, bring at least a single drop of strength to a battered soul,” said Zordix.

“As we expect the hills of tomorrow will rise as high as today. We the wizards of Zordix look steadily ahead and as the horizon comes closer it is now time for bed,” they added.

Erm, okay.

Zordix have been creating games almost exclusively for Nintendo platforms including the million selling Moto Racing series, but have secured extra financing to bring the game to PlayStaton 4. There will be online races and – huzzah – split screen!

Source: Press release


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  1. Pop this next to Riptide GP2 which is rather enjoyable albeit a tad grindy

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