Konami Announces Metal Gear Online Global Championship

Konami has announced it is partnering with ESL to launch a Metal Gear Online Global Championship, which will begin this December. Weekly tournaments will be held from December 1st until February 29th 2016, with regional tournaments in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia/Australia. In each tournament the winning team will receive a $1000, and there is a total prize pool of $12,000.

To sign up for the tournament you can click through here. Konami recently shut down the LA studio that developed Metal Gear Online, with all updates now being handled centrally in Japan.

Source: Press Release/ESL Gaming


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  1. Yea… no.

    Just no. This is not the direction MGS should be going in and it’s obvious that they have gone with the “Eff you, give us money” approah instead of trying to fix any online bugs and not forcing the MP to intergrate with the SP as they flat out steal resources by reserving them online. Oh and god help you if you spent hours and hours storing a lot of vehicles as you now only have a big fat 3.

    Screw Konami! They ruined the ending to MGS V! No, i’m not letting go of that as i regret buying MGS V at that time.

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