New Xbox One Experience Rolling Out Now, Backwards Compatibility Is Here

The new Xbox One experience is rolling out now for owners of the console, with the big update being backwards compatibility. You can read the full list of the titles in the article here, and for a limited time Xbox One owners can play the multiplayer of backwards compatible games without a Gold subscription. On top of that the Home menu on the Xbox One has been revamped too, making it easier to share achievements and clips, as well as seeing what games your friends are playing.

There’s a new overlay guide as well which can be accessed by pressing the left button on the d-pad in the home menu, or double pressing the Xbox button while in game. This overlay lets you access your friend’s list, profile, settings, view messages, notifications, snap applications and also the ability to start a party.  A Community section has also been put in that has a Trending part that lets you see popular posts on the Xbox One. OneGuide puts all the TV and movie features together under one area, making it easier to navigate between the various entertainment apps.


The Store has also been revamped and as dedicated sections for games, movies & TV, apps, and music. Categories under these headers include top rated items, staff picks, coming soon, and recommended. Avatars are also now available on Xbox One, as well as the ability to remap buttons. There are game hubs too, a narrator to read text on screen, a magnifier to zoom in on items, and a high contrast display setting.




  1. Had the update come through this morning and it’s brilliant stuff. Faster, slicker, and makes so much more sense as a whole. It was a lot easier to record and upload some BF4 footage, and the instant-on function is now, well, instant. Eager for the future updates as I hear a lot of Windows 10 app support will be making the move over too.

    Got DiRT 3 downloading at the moment, so it’ll be interesting to see what BC is like. Also got Gears of War: Ultimate Edition coming through the post after nabbing it on special offer, so I’m looking forward to trying out the older Gears of War games which I missed.

  2. Very very laggy dash according to my flatmate who still has his Xbox one. He also wasnt that impressed with the BC the one game he had (gears 2) kept crashing and rniing slow.

    • It does seem laggy to me… BC though has thus far been spot on.

    • Last week you said your friend sold his xboxone because the beta version of BC didn’t work. Stop making up lies. It’s very fast, actually faster than the PS4, there are comparison videos to prove this.

      • Friend and flatmate are different people. Did you go to school?

        Seems to be you are the lone Xbox one owner here desperately trying to justify your wrong purchase.

        Go buy a PS4, you might make some friends

      • Ha ha, you’re the one trashing xbox at every opportunity. Seems like you’re the one who’s insecure over their purchase.

        I’ll check for your reply later, gotta get back to my poor mans uncharted!

  3. Ooo I’ve been waiting for this. Does the update take long?

    • Took around 20-25 minutes for me. Depends on your internet connection for the most part. Update size is just over 1.1GB.

      • Great thanks. Average about 35mbps so shouldn’t take very long at all. wOO

  4. I’m not sure about the new UI at all. It seems even more confusing than before. Although it may just be a case of getting used to the changes. I think I was expecting it to be instant like the PS4 UI. I’ll have a proper go over the weekend to get a feel for it but first impressions aren’t good. I actually miss the old UI which I never thought I’d ever hear myself say.

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