Team OK Confirms Chambara As PS4 Console Exclusive

Team OK has announced it is bringing the multiplayer stealth action Chambara to PS4 as a console exclusive in 2016. The game has stages where the majority of the layout is two colours, with each player being one of those colours. This means you can stand next to a block that is exactly the same shade and not be spotted, unless from a specific angle. Of course if the character is in an area that is the opposite colour they’ll stick out, and be an easy mark to take down from the shadows.


There is a PC demo available from the official site allowing you to try out Chambara, and learn how it works. It doesn’t seem to be an FPS title, as in the trailer the opponents are killed via close combat.

Source: GrabIt



  1. Looks interesting, especially interested in the 4 player split screen.

  2. i can’t be the only person who thought this was a new one of these zombie hunters in bikinis games. ^_^

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