Irrational Games Working On New Project, 2K Tease Future Bioshocks

When Ken Levine disbanded Irrational Games it looked like the end of Bioshock, but 2K boss Strauss Zelnick has hinted that there will be further games to come.

“The franchise is in the hands of 2K,” said Zelnick. “They’ll make announcements in due time about any upcoming releases. But BioShock is unquestionably a permanent franchise for our company and one that we do believe in.”


Interestingly, Irrational Games seems to have quietly continued without Ken Levine at the helm.

Whether than means they are working on a new Bioshock game or something else remains to be seen, but they would be the obvious choice to continue the franchise. As for Levine, he is off with a new team working on something “highly creative and innovative.”

Source: Twitter / Gamespot



  1. Well, the next Bioshock will come either from them or 2K Marin.

    I’m guessing they can still pull it off without Levine, even if it means a slightly different approach to the series.

  2. Not going to waste my time typing “Bioshock Vita”….oh wait…damn

  3. Bioshock + PS4 = Perfect match!

  4. That reminds me I still have some Bishock DLC which I got in a sale but never played through.
    Liked the first and the last one, number 2 from Plus was skipped almost unplayed. But, as much as I liked what I played, I’m currently tempted to give the next one a pass due to sequel fatigue. Maybe I just need to know more. Or maybe it’s the age, I used to be excited by announcements like that…

  5. YES! and NOOOOOOOOOOO! Yes, if it means that it is a reboot or another sequel that has nothing to do with the IG trilogy but no if it’s a rapture set Bioshock or a Columbia City one as the ending of Infinite kinda left no room for it. Unless it’s a prequel but that would requiring one hell of a handwaive and somehow avoid it crossing over with the ending of Infinite but to do so, they would have to… oh no, i’ve gone crossed eyed.

    I don’t understand why 2 is generally regarded as the worst as i thoroughly enjoyed it and i feel that 2 had a much stronger story and better PC. I even shed tears every time i see the ending. Tears? I mean, manly streams of acid that put real hair on my chest and punch the wall repeatly asking why? Why? WHY!?

    Yeah, that. Not tears. Not needing a few minutes to recover. No, sir.

    (this is a joke. I am just being silly and am not serious about the manly crap).

  6. Was there not talk of remasters of the originals? It’s possible that it could be that they are referring to.

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