Jazzpunk Will Be Released On PS4 With Additional Content


Necrophone Games has announced it is releasing Jazzpunk on PS4, but it won’t be a port of the PC version of the game. Instead the PS4 version will include additional modes and content for players to explore, with one of the main attractions being a four player mode of Wedding Qake, which is a parody of deathmatches from older titles. This Wedding Qake will have unlockable characters and new levels that are not present in the PC version.

Jazzpunk is an exploration and adventure game that relies on comedy, set in a world that is inspired by the looks of the 1960’s. The game was originally released in 2014 and at the time received a lot of critical praise. There is yet no release date for when the title will be released on PS4.

Source: PS Blog

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