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System Shock 3 Is Being Teased

Otherside Entertainment have opened a teaser site, which has been quickly decoded as being for System Shock 3. The previous games were first person shooters with RPG elements and thanks to the involvement of Irrational games, they are seen as precursors to the Bioshock franchise.


Ken Levine and Warren Spector worked on the previous games but they probably won’t be involved in the new title. It’s also likely the game will head to Kickstarter like other projects from Otherside.

System Shock 2 came out in 1999, I’ve never played it and I doubt many of you have, but Dave is raving about this teaser like it’s the second coming. Are you excited for the prospect of System Shock 3? Have you played the previous games? Are you bored of rhetorical questions? What else can I type here to fill some space? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Otherside


  1. It is the second coming, or maybe that should be the third.. Anyway, I would say they were more RPGs with first person shooter elements and they were way better than the BioShock games.

    You can pick up SS2 for 99p on ATM, and I highly recommend you do.

  2. A lot of people compare System Shock to it’s spiritual successor – the undoubtedly more mainstream BioShock series. While this is a fair comparison, and were the brainchilds of the same good chap, I feel it’s often overlooked that System Shock and its sequel are arguably well compared against the early entries in the Deus Ex series, particularly the first game. While the later DEs are still good, the original adventure of JC Denton took the System Shock style and both FPS and RPG mechanics and made them it’s own.

    And my god if SHODAN isn’t still one of the best and most influential enemies in PC gaming. I doubt you’d have GlaDOS without her coming first.

  3. I played the 1st to death, despite my PC not quite being up to the job – it was that good.

    This used to be all fields, etc….

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