Podcast: The Year According To Tuffcub


Our Year According To series rolls ever onwards, and this time around I sat down with Tuffcub, one of TSA’s news editors. There was a fair amount of time spent discussing the seemingly never ending stream of news he contributes to, as well as a look at some of the reviews he’s conducted this year.

We also delved into his endeavours outside of TSA, which are largely musical in nature. As well as his normal contributions to bouncey, dance music, he’s been writing the soundtrack for a game over the last year, so if that process is of interest to you, make sure you give this episode a listen.

On top of that, we looked at what the future holds for Tuffcub, namely his likely move to Hawaii in the next year. Yes, he’s off to live on a tropical paradise, where the US government won’t allow him to do any work. It sounds like a very hard life is in store.

Finally, I got him to commit to a list of games that had really grabbed his attention this year. He broke down exactly what it was that appealed to him about the three games he selected, and explained why one of them gets a classic franchise exactly right.

This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Basically, smut, smut, smut, smut, complaining about Blair or Kris not allowing 90% of his articles to be published without being heavily edited, doing the char char and that small incident in game. :P

    • There may be some boobs. But not the rest.

    • Blair and I don’t have much say any more :P

  2. Will listen to this later on today. Have enjoyed Tef’s and Rushy’s so far. :-)

  3. Cracking cast, I think it’ll be a surprise for some to see how articulate TC actually is.
    Nice job Kristina :P

  4. Youtube does a great job of auto-generating subtitles. And by “great job” I mean “frequently hilarious”.

    It’s “another part of the year according to a series of speeches”.

    And “say hello tough fellow”.

    And best of all, “recently it’s been very pooped have a boob boob news”.

    I’ll turn those off now.

    • Leave them on! That sounds amazing

      • It’s too distracting. But picking a random section for your amusement, YouTube has interesting things to say about Playstation VR.

        It’s a “comfort level product” according to Sony, but according to “tough fellow”, “it’s gonna be a douche varied product”.

  5. Another enjoyable interview, best of luck in your new home TC and i’m looking forward to .. snatch eruptions..?

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