Podcast: The Year According to Loading Bar’s Jimmy Dance


For this entry in our Year According To series of podcasts we’ve spread our net a little more broadly than we usually do. Rather than inviting a developer to talk about their year, we instead reached out to Jimmy Dance, who runs Loading Bar.

If you’ve never heard of Loading Bar, it’s a gaming themed bar in London, with locations in Dalston and Stratford. You may remember it from its original incarnation in Soho, and if you’re wondering why they moved away from that prime location then fear not, all is revealed in the podcast.

Beyond talking about the basic complexities of running a bar, Jimmy and I also discussed his thoughts on the gaming elements of the bars, from the consoles and games they have available to what role he thinks VR may play in the future. As well as that, we chatted about events that they run at the bar, his take on streaming culture, and presenting Hideo Kojima with a sculpture of shot glasses.

As for Jimmy’s gaming highlights, he took a different approach to selecting these, branching out from the more obvious answers. His choices were genuinely interesting, but you’ll have to listen in to find out what he picked.

This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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1 Comment

  1. Console pubs in Poland are doing really well for years, so I think your business James ^^ Just be sure that you can have PlayStation consoles in your pub. All of the game pubs in Poland cannot have PlayStation consoles due to their policy, where they clearly say that it is illegal to have SONY consoles working as “arcade machines” in a public place/pub.
    Microsoft are completely fine with it, while Nintendo requires some contracts.
    Maybe it is only in Poland like this, but you should check it just in case ^^

    Wow, the episode kicked off with really great comment :D I’ve also tried a lot, A LOT of times to explain people that how they imagine a old game is not as it would actually feel like playing it now. Nostalgia is a real bitch and most of people don;t know how to handle it, what makes them dislike most of the new stuff – the idea of “…games were perfect back in the days”.

    I’m a typical japanese rpg gamer, so I don’t really care of being locked into playing the game as developers created it, because I don’t need the choice. I enjoy the story. How it is told. The narrative of it etc.

    Another great talk about the business side of consoles. There are so many people thinking the way you mentioned Kris. “Games are for everyone and not only for you” will be the quote of the day for me ^^

    Great idea for the pub vs pub competition and the price for winning it – cool!

    Enjoyed it very much guys. Well talked ;) Really strange games picked up by James, but even so it was great to hear his perspective on various topics in gaming.

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