The First Rainbow Six Siege DLC Has Been Delayed

Two days back from the holidays and we’ve already had delays for Oculus Touch and Scalebound, Assassin’s Creed has been put on hold, and let’s not forget Uncharted 4 was also moved back a few weeks, just before Christmas. Shaping up to be a great year isn’t it?

Joining the bulging “delayed” folder is the Operation Black Ice DLC for Rainbow Six Siege, which was originally scheduled for release in a few weeks. Ubisoft have revealed that it will now launch for seasons pass holders at the start of February.


Everyone else has to wait another week after that date that because that’s the ridiculous way video game companies work now, you’re not just paying for extra content, oh no, your just paying to get at content a week earlier than everyone else. You’re paying to feel special due to a completely arbitrary and pointless barrier, it’s the videogame equivalent of speedy boarding.

You’re getting on the plane, you’ve got a ticket, does it matter if you go on first or last? No! It doesn’t! Yet we’ve been brainwashed in to thinking getting on the aircraft first and then sitting in a terrible seat – rather than the nice ones in the airport – whilst everyone else gets on is worth paying an extra fiver for. If we let publishers get away with rubbish like this just because you didn’t buy the season pass there will soon be all sorts of ridiculous charges. Want to connect a secondary controller because your current one has no battery? Madam, you can’t change seats after you have booked, that will be ten quid please. Pausing the game to make a cup of coffee? Sorry sir, food and drink is not included on this flight, that will be £2.50.

Down with sort of thing!

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