IO Interactive Announces That Hitman Will Now Be A Fully Episodic Title

Over the last day those who pre-ordered the latest Hitman title through PSN received a message stating that the order had been cancelled. Of course there was speculation as to what was going on, and now IO Interactive has announced why these orders were cancelled. The new Hitman title will now be a fully episodic game, instead of having a large start and building from there as was the original plan.

The first mission will launch on March 11th and will be set in Paris. Then in April Agent 47 will travel to Italy to take down his next target, while May sees a trip to Morroco. This season will last until late 2016 with Thailand, Japan and the USA rounding off the locations. The Prologue and Paris Intro pack is priced at $15, with each additional mission costing $10. There will be the option to buy a pass for $60 to get all the content at a reduced price. If you want a disc version of Hitman you’ll have to wait until late 2016.


Each week will see live events occurring and other updates too to keep the experience from getting too stale. If you want to try out the game before release you’ll have to pre-order either the full experience or the Intro Pack, with those on PS4 getting beta access from February 12th and PC players getting access on February 19th.

Source: Press Release



  1. Will probably just pick up the disc version when it’s all available

    • Yep, me too. Hitman just doesn’t feel like an episodic game. Maybe im wrong, ,able that’s how we’ll get our games in the future, but it doesn’t really gel with the whole Netflix bingeing way we have of consuming our entertainment

  2. Why do I get the sense that SE are going down the episodic route with everything. First FFVII, now this. Not sure I’d want these games delivered in a way befitting TellTale’s games. I suppose those who get the disc version later on will get a guaranteed working game and not some bug-ridden nonsense.

    • I was going to say the same thing re SE, seems to be their new business plan… Shame.

  3. Think I’ll wait till the boxed version. Not a fan of these full games being broken down into episodes at all. Looks like it’s SE’s new business plan :-(

    • Same here, disc copy on sale. Just hope it doesn’t happen to Deus Ex, will take months to collect Adam Jenson’s limbs!

  4. I shall wait for the episodically full game.

  5. No fucking chance…. they have lost me!

  6. Well okay then. Steam Winter 2017 sale it is then..

  7. Well can’t say I’m surprised, when they announced their original plan it seemed like a half arsed idea. At least they are waiting until the full game is out before releasing the boxed version, rather than doing it with 80% of the content missing (yes, you, Telltale!)

  8. I am still in! I have been a Hitman fan since the get go and this doesn’t put me off at all, I think it keeps it fresh and it’s nice to see something new. The only thing that bothers me is I want in on that Beta and there is nothing to pre order at the minute. Does anyone know when it will be up on the ps store?

  9. Really enjoyed the last game but no way I’m paying full price for a game delivered at 1 mission a month which will inevitably go on sale at some point before it’s all released.

  10. I’m out too, episodes be dammed.
    Was a huge fan of Hitman, shame it’s come to this :(

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