H1Z1Teaser Trailers Released

As revealed earlier this week H1Z1 is to be split in to two parts, multiplayer shooter H1Z1: King of the Kill will launch on PlayStation 4 along with PC, whilst H1Z1: Just Survive, the MMO portion of the game is remaining soley on PC for the moment.

Daybreak Game Company have now released a teaser trailer for each portion on the game,


King of the Kill is scheduled for launch this summer.

Source: YouTube 1/2



  1. I enjoyed the Early Access for a while but DayBreak (then: SOE) were in a mess. It continues to look that way – especially as other survival games are coming along and looking/playing far better than this.

    Maybe when the games reach completion I’ll take a look again but, for now, it’s a “no” from me.

  2. Well, the visuals have improved a bit since i last saw it but that’s where my interest ends until the survival game makes it’s way to console.

  3. Hmm, when’s DayZ coming to console? Seems a long time ago it was on stage at PS E3 conference.

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