H1Z1 Split In To Two Parts, No Longer Free To Play

Daybreak have announced that zombie survival horror game H1Z1 will be split in to two parts, both of which have dumped the free-to-play model and will cost $19.99 each on PC. The first part, H1Z1: Just Survive is the original game with crafting and zombies, whilst H1Z1: King of the Kill is a multiplayer PvP shooter.



“King of the Kill is being developed as a fast-paced shooter that will be comprised of multiple fight-to-the-death game modes, including Battle Royale,” explained Greg Henninger, Daybreak Community Manager. “Players will compete in large-scale chaotic PvP spectacles of skill, wit, and a little luck, where everyone must fight to the death to stand alone at the top of the podium.”

King of the Kill will be launching on consoles this summer, Daybreak are concentrating on that, rather than Just Survive forPlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

I’m not sure if consoles need another PvP shooter, especially one running on an MMO engine, and even less so considering Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps, a multiplayer PvP shooter with zombies, will beat it to the start line.

Source: PS Blog / H1Z1



  1. Awful news. I’ve been really looking forward to H1Z1 being released on the PS4, but for the survival aspect: doubt I’ll buy it at all if we’re only getting King Of The Kill. Oh well, all hopes now on Day Z for PS4.

  2. Consoles are crying out for the survive part of this game so why they have chosen this path is beyond ridiculous!

  3. Well that’s any interest I had in the game completely gone. Really odd decision, wonder what they are thinking!?

  4. Taken the easy and well-trodden route by the looks of it.

    Shame, I fancied a bit of survival shenanigans but not another PvP shooter.

  5. Who the hell at Daybreak thought this would be a good idea?!
    I can’t see either of them selling well, the survival and PvP aspect go hand-in-hand in so many other games they’re trying to imitate.

  6. Looks like they badly misjudged what people wanted. Very odd to put the survival mode back and prioritize a clunky pvp mode nobody was bothered about.

  7. I haven’t seen any footage of the game for a while but it was still looking pretty shoddy last time i saw it. Can’t say i’m disappointed as i hadn’t seen anything to get excited about yet but the multiplayer game certainly won’t appeal to me.

  8. As someone who tried it a long time ago, I’m over the moon about the split in the game. It was clear the community were pretty much in two well-defined camps. Even on PvE servers, people were “griefing” the shit out of others and it made it such a miserable place to be. It got to the point where my friends and I simply lost interest in the title. Gutting really as we could see the potential of it all as well.

    However, in the other camp PvP players were suitably pissed off about a raft of other problems and we’re now at a situation where they think the game is best suited to be split in two.

    In all honestly, I’m not really sure why simply because Ark: Survival Evolved shows how PvE servers and PvP servers can co-exist under one franchise title. Add to this that there are tournaments that are outside of PvP so all are relatively happy.

    Fingers crossed the PvE gets a huge amount of lovin’ and comes to the consoles as well. Very disappointed about the shift of focus but, with Daybreak, I’m not surprised. There’s always been some questionable decision making going on with their management from the beginning. :-\

  9. Yep, as others have said, I have lost all interest in this now. What a bizarre decision to make.


  10. Booo! No sign of Dayz and now H1Z1!

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