H1Z1: Battle Royale Season 8 launches on June 11th and introduces season tokes, read the patch notes

Daybreak Studios has announced that it will be launching H1Z1 Battle Royale’s season 8 tomorrow, June 11th. With this new season there are new rewards across 100 tiers, and PS Plus subscribers will get bonus season experience points. Master Coins have been replaced by season token and these can be used to purchase the season 8 reward crate. The new season also brings fixes and balance changes including increased AR-15 spawns, removal of some challenges, and changes to what is found in purple air drops. The full notes are below.

H1Z1 Battle Royale Season 8 update patch notes


  • New Season Rewards: 100 tiers
  • Purchase the Premium Pass for 500 Crowns OR the Premium Bundle for 2000 Crowns (unlocks 25 reward tiers)
  • PlayStation Plus subscribers will earn bonus season experience that starts at 5% and increases as you unlock new tiers
  • New Currency: Season Tokens
  • Season Tokens can be collected by earning Season Reward tiers, unlocking duplicate items, or completing daily challenges (after reaching tier 10)
  • Season Tokens replace Master Coins (previously earned Master Coins will automatically convert to Season Tokens)
  • New Season 8 Reward Crate (can be purchased with Crowns or Season Tokens)
  • Season 8 Reward Crate contains the all-new Nebula Outfit
  • New Season Legacy Reward Crate (can be purchased with Crowns of Season Tokens)
  • Legacy Reward Crate contains all items from previous Master Crates


  • Added Gazelle, Torque, Untamed, and ARV vehicles to the Z2 map
  • Increased AR-15 spawns and decreased Commando spawns (should spawn at the same rate now)
  • Increased likelihood of acquiring a Marauder from Purple airdrops
  • Added Heavy Assault to Purple airdrops
  • Removed KH-43 from Purple airdrops
  • Removed Deagle from Purple airdrops
  • Increased likelihood of acquiring a KH-43 or Deagle from Military Crates
  • Removed challenges that cannot be completed in Z2
  • Improved several challenge descriptions for clarity
  • Removed Tutorial Challenges
  • Increased the number of Season medals earned from completing Daily Challenges


  • Chaos, Arsenal, and Apocalypse Crates are no longer available for purchase
  • Featured Bundles have been added for the new Invictus Gladiator Set
  • The Invictus Gladiator Arsenal Bundle contains new skins for all rifles, shotguns, and special weapons
  • The Invictus Gladiator Outfit Bundle contains new armor, helmet, and clothing cosmetics
  • The Invictus Gladiator Extras Bundle contains new skins for each vehicle and new cosmetics for your profile background, frame, and avatar
  • The Invictus Gladiator Complete Pack contains every item from all 3 Bundles listed above

Source: H1Z1 website

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