EXCLUSIVE: Terrified Game Journos Stuck In Elevator

Breaking news from a Sony event being held in That London this morning where a group of terrified game journos were trapped in a lift for a whole ten minutes. We now go live to our reporter at ground zero, Kris, who was one of the souls who was subjected to the horrifying incarceration.

We got in to the lift just before 10.00am and the mode was jovial, everyone excited to be getting their hands on [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] at the preview event. The lift began to rise smoothly but suddenly there was a jolt and alarm sounded.

What followed can only be described as a scene of utter chaos, people actually stopped staring at their mobile phones and began to talk to each other. Talking! To people! In London! It was terrifying!

After five minutes the panic began to mount and we had to start planning for the worst. Everyone stated what website or magazine they worked for and we began to work out who had the least amount of readers in case we were stuck for much longer and had to resort to cannibalism.

We were just about to start carving a slice off the games writer for the Daily Express when we heard the calls of the rescue team, and moments later the lift began to ascend.

It’s an experience I shall never forget.

Thanks Kris! If we have any further information on this tragedy then we shall update this breaking story.



  1. Glad you all made it out safe. Though I wouldn’t have mind tasting some leftovers. Maybe next time!

  2. They were trapped in the left for 10mins….. did they try go to the right?
    And damn these RADACTED will attempt to get that lift stuck in few mins…. brb.

    • Atleast the lift was set to Jovial mode!

  3. Holy shit!! All lefts should be banned right away, we should start an e-petition for a governmental enquiry into the rights of game journos left terrified. The left will argue with the right we can only hope the Right Hon Lord Left with right any wrongs that are left. Right, all that’s left is to give this right terrible punfest a right royal right hook of a punch line… Hmm, can’t do it. Left, left, left!

  4. Ohh whats the hands on?!! Go on spill the beans, I promise I won’t say anything! :)

    • Secret. And I am not mentioning shit I’m playing tomorrow either. So don’t ask.

      • Oh come ON people.. Not Mentioning Shit

        Sherlock would be ashamed of you.

      • Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me, TSA’s resident diva. :P

  5. Society gone mad. Next thing you know, they’ll be socialising in public together and wishing each other a pleasant day.

    London… know your limits!

  6. That would have probably made me literally shit myself. I suffer from Phobic Anxiety Disorder, and anything ilke that, even reading it, makes me feel sick. It sounds like the people trapped in the lift weren’t claustrophobic though, so that’s good.

    It’s got to be tricky not knowing how to deal with someone who’s having a panic attack.

    • I can get quite claustrophobic at times (large crowds, small spaces etc) – Suffice to say, I won’t be doing a John McClane any time soon!

      However, in my last job, I was stuck in a lift for about an hour & a half. Between floors too. When I was finally rescued, I had a rather undignified exit of having to clamber out of the lift to the highest floor of the two it was stuck between.

      Was an… experience.

    • One person was a little uncomfortable but everyone was chilled really. More annoying that it got very warm very fast.

  7. I did not have anything to do with this as a petty act of revenge. What? Do you really think i hold the power to trap people in lifts?

    Also, this is TSA! Not the Kris got trapped in a lift and panicked Axis. :P

  8. I think it was angry coward getting his revenge :p

    • Damn, i knew the Sony Fanboy League of whiny man childs were petty but they actually wield power?

      I may need a nerf gun and an X360 to use as a shield. Rumour has it that they are fatally allergic to the mere sight of one.

      • I reckon he owns an xbone really but doesn’t want anyone to know in case he gets called a traitor to the cause…

  9. I’m gonna speak to the maintenance people where I work and see if we can get out lifts switched to jovial mode…

    • Damn. Auto-correct is a cruel mistress! :P

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