Podcast: Episode 213 – Merged, Nova-111 & Clash Royale

You may have noticed that we’ve been very guest heavy on the podcast for a while, mostly because I like having a guest to round things out. This week is no exception, as we’re joined by long time friend of the show, Vaughn Highfield. He brings with him his views on the mobile game Merged, as well as general fun.

Kev is here for this week’s episode too, and he’s been playing a fair bit of Nova-111. He’s also been dipping his toes into Clash Royale, a game that I’ve been spending a fair bit of time with too. I’m not entirely sure what I like about Clash Royale, but it’s certainly got its hooks into me. I’ve also been the escape puzzle title Rusty Lake Hotel, which provides an interesting twist on genre staples.

Finally, there’s a substantial amount of news on this week’s episode, mainly around virtual reality and the decline of E3. It’s probably more than you’re used to, but it was a meaty week for once.

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  1. Perhaps I read TSA far too often, but I can tell who has written an article just from the grammar in the first couple of paragraphs. I need to get out more.

    Clash Royale is strangely addictive even though it’s of quite a shallow gameplay mechanic.

    • Not too sure about the other TSA writers, but it’s certainly easy to tell Tuffcub’s articles a mile off.

    • There’s also the bit where it says my name above the post ;)

  2. Enjoyed the episode although there was so much said about mobile games – especially the Clash Royale stuff, because the game that Vaughn~Vaughn~VAUGHN! was describing I didn’t get at all.

    Clash Royale sounds fun, would be great to find it on my PSV or evetually PS4, while Vita is much more suited I think. Same thing with Hearthstone. I just don’t do mobile (same as PC).

    Nova-111 sounds interesting as a concept for a game, but from a review I read it is awfully repetitive and becomes boring after a short while. But because I have it from PS+ I still could give a try someday. Thanks Kev.

    A bit sad not hearing Lewis on the show, but still thanks guys and hear you next week (this week? oh god -.- my work is killing me recently I don’t have time to listen to podcasts while at the office).

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