Can A Body Pillow Forgive In The Latest Senran Kagura Estival Versus Trailer?

Pillow talk.

Having found the love of his life on some version of Tinder and going on a few dates, the two stars of one of the more unusual marketing campaigns in recent times go through a rough patch in their relationship. Can the anime body pillow see to forgive her man for his indiscretions?

Oh, and before you click play, a little NSFW warning for those who know little of Senran Kagura. This does feature gameplay from the game, with all its improbably wobbly anime boobies and outfit transformations that go via the character’s birthday suit…

The body pillow itself is part of the “Bahonkas” edition of Senran Kagura Estival Versus, which has got a ton of crazy stuff alongside the game. More info on that can be found here, with the game out this week on March 18th in the EU.

And just in case you thought that body pillows with anime characters were strange…

Source: YouTube


  1. Ermmm! Wow just wow.

  2. Love me some Senran Kagura – although the cooking game has been the highlight so far – the story mode is so lovingly Japanese and screwed up.

  3. i can accept that some people just have to have intimate relations with the soft furnishings, but did he have to cheat on it? ^_^

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