Telltale’s Batman Game Will Be Released This Summer

Over the weekend Telltale Games held a talk regarding its upcoming Batman game the SXSW festival in Texas. While the studio didn’t release any footage or screenshots to show what it’d look like Telltale did confirm that Batman will be out in the summer. This Batman game will not be tied to any other representations of the Dark Knight, and nor will there be a look at characters such as Robin or Nightwing. However the likes of Jim Gordon, Vicki Vale, Alfred, and Renee Montoya will feature.

Players will take on the role of Bruce Wayne during the day, and Batman during the night. Whatever decisions are made will affect how Gotham City evolves, with decisions affecting both how the city is during the day and who Batman faces at night. Telltale is not yet announcing which villains will make an appearance either. At some points players will be able to choose whether a situation is handled by Batman or Bruce Wayne.


Telltale is looking to improve the game engine too so that the comic book feel is more seamless compared to its previous titles.

Source: Telltale



  1. I had a passing (I’m a Batman fan) interest in this game but that dynamic (choosing which of Wayne’s identities to use when tackling a situation) sounds ACE!

  2. The most exciting thing here is that they’re going to improve the game engine.

    Also, would be nice if more of their games got sequels so we can actually see how things “evolve” from the choices we’ve made.

    I’ll no doubt pick this up in a sale at some point.

  3. I’ll be all over this… Once I’ve completed GOT and TWAU, not to mention TWD:Michonne.

    And I think TWD:S3 is supposed to be out this year too?

  4. Do we have any inkling on the voice cast?

  5. It’ll be Joker. It always is Joker. Would be fools not to take advantage of Sucide Squad bringing Joker back into the eyes of the mainstream non-bat fans. Bruce Wayne is an interesting concept in a game but i can’t help but feel that it could be a bit underwhelming and that Batman won’t really play like Batman.

    I think Rocksteady may have set a too high of a standard for Batman games.

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