Community Chronicle: 27/03/16

It’s Easter Sunday, and so I hope you’ve all had a good day, whether you’ve been hunting for eggs, attending mass, or simply lazing around in the knowlege that tomorrow’s a bank holiday Monday.


The biggest and saddest story of the week was the announcement of Evolution Studios’ closure. The Driveclub developers have been through a number of rough patches this decade, but it still came as a surprise to many that the first party studio would be no more.

MOVE said, “Very disappointing and surprising! While they did have some issues in the last couple of years with Motorstorm 3 bombing and DriveClub having difficulties, I actually didn’t see this coming.

“This now means that Sony have cut of Wipeout, Motorstorm and Driveclub in the last 3-4 years. What gives?”

Unfortunately, it comes down to money, as bunimomike replied, “Sony has to be more fiscally responsible and I guess this is part of it.” However, ron_mcphatty countered that “Good finances are one thing, closing such popular studios is another!”

And then there are those troubling times that Evo went through at Driveclub’s release. “Whilst it is a tad sad the simple fact was Driveclub was an absolute mess when first released. Who was to blame for that?” asked homerjnick.

“I feel for the guys who will lose their jobs, but the blame as to what happened to Driveclub’s launch has to land somewhere, if only this served as a reminder to all other studios to stop releasing half-completed games that require several patches just to get them in a working state!”

The thing is that, after a restructuring and refocus around Driveclub as a platform, you felt that Evolution might be out of the woods. The most disappointing thing is that Evolution are being closed, but there are no other studios really stepping up to fill the space internally at Sony.

Our other story for this week – I’m keeping things brief today – comes from Nintendo. Or more acurately, doesn’t come from Nintendo. A pair of supposed leaks of prototype NX controllers in quick succession had a lot of people discussing the veracity of the images.

Right out of the gate, bunimomike said, “That looks so ergonomically unsound it’s genuinely unbelievable in the absolute sense of the word. This simply has to be fake.” Then again, ron_mcphatty countered him once more by pointing out the equal lack of ergonomics to the PS Vita Slim.

Kennykazey said, “I’m leaning towards it being fake because it’s too similar to the patent image, which never looks particularly close to the actual product. Then there’s the sticks which look 3D-printed, the silly sticker, the IR sensor and camera on the bottom instead of the top…”

In the end, both ostensible leakers revealed that these “leaks” were little more than a reasonably well crafted digital mockup and a well put together 3D printed model.

“Did they fool anyone at all?” asked Starman. Well, “There’s a reason why #teamreal was trending!” RudeAwakening replied. “The fake NX controller even outed ‘insiders’ claiming the pic matches info they got from sources within Nintendo!”

The wait for Nintendo’s new console reveal continues, then…


JustTaylorNow gets things going with his 49th platinum trophy, which he got from Uncharted 2’s PS4 remaster. He’s now torn on whether he wants Uncharted 3 to be his 50th or Uncharted 4…

R1MJAW has passed the rather infeasible paragon level 750 in Diablo III, which boggles the mind, and while an awful lot of people have professed to playing The Division, it’s mrfodder with an achievement to his name, as he has reached level 30 and embarked into the end game.

However, he’s nowhere near to the platinum, with BadBoyBoogie stepping in to claim the fastest record for the game, which he nabbed on the 19th!

DividSmythe has also realised that he has a record for Grim Fandango Remastered from all the way back in 2015.

There’s no trophy leaderboard updates this week, so we’ll finish things off today with the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. See you in next week!

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  1. Happy Easter everyone!

    I’ve been visiting family and not found much time to play games this week, but it means I look more forward to playing videogames in the coming days.

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