Podcast: Episode 215 – Pokémon, Paragon & The Division

With the era of Lewis now behind us, we kick off our new epoch by talking about The Division at length. I’m joined by Tef and Dom for that very purpose, while Kev couldn’t make the recording as he’d already departed on an Easter break.

Before The Division chat, however, we talked about the week’s news for a while, covering the now debunked NX controller rumours, the possibility of a PS4.5, and plenty more. As for what else we’ve been playing, Tef has spent a bit of time with LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which does sound like a good entry in the seemingly endless string of LEGO titles.

Dom has been stepping back in time to playing Pokémon Omega Ruby and shared his views on it, which at least partly devolved into explaining Pokémon to Tef, before rounding things off by teaming back up with Tef to discuss the upcoming MOBA Paragon, which featured Tef schooling me on the finer points of MOBAs.

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1 Comment

  1. Well done episode guys. The TSA podcast crew is getting shorter and shorter (this reminds me also that I haven’t added a comments on the previous episode, where Lewis was saying goodbye!). First Peter, then Lewis and now even Kev is gone :(….well he will be back of course, but anyway this is a “sign” :P

    Anyway, enjoyed listening to the Paragon talk – Tef I did not know what a MOBA is, so thank you ^^. It’s going to be quite a clash between three MOBA games this season and Overwatch is the game that I have my eyes on to be honest. Maybe it will be time soon to stop playing Destiny.

    Talking about Destiny, Tef got my question quite right. I asked about your opinion on the impact, that The Division will have on Destiny and Bungie. I think that Bungie will have to think of new ways to be attractive, keep their game alive and mostly to make as many people stay with Destiny as possible.
    Sorry if my English was a bit clunky thou.

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