PlayStation 4K Rumours Continue

There have been a number of rumours over the past few days of an upgraded PlayStation 4 model that will be able to play games and movies in 4K resolution. Kotaku and Eurogamer were the first to report the news with multiple sources backing up the claims, and now the Wall Street Journal has also reported that a new PlayStation 4 with “enhanced graphics and power” will be hitting the shelves.

The new console is rumoured to launch before PlayStation VR  (read: an E3 reveal) and it is said that “it is likely that the current model and the coming one would share the same software catalogue.” The WSJ also reports the new console is “to capture gamers willing to pay for a richer gaming environment, including a high-end virtual-reality experience.”


If games are to work on both versions of the PS4 then developers are unlikely to make many improvements to the PS4K versions other than resolution and, possibly, frame rates, at least until there is a sizeable install base for the high end console.

Of course you will need a 4K TV to make use of the new console and sales of those are still rather low. There are very few 4K broadcasters, at the moment standard blu-ray is the only HD format you can buy in most shops, and there is the problem of space. You can’t really have a 4K TV smaller than 52″ as the smaller screens means the advantage of having such a pixel dense display starts to diminish.

Sony did tout a 4K video service that “will work with PlayStation 4″ three years ago, but we’ve not heard much of that since, possibly because each move would be 100gb.

With enhanced graphics and a new UHD Blu-ray drive the PS4K, if it exists, is not going to be cheap, and with Sony fans shelling out £350 for PSVR it seems an odd time to be asking them to spend even more cash on upgraded PS4K consoles.  Personally I have no interest, my 52” HDTV – which I bought for a a ridiculous sum of money to go with the my launch model PlayStation 3 back in 2006 – is still working perfectly and I have no desire to go to 4K.

Would you be tempted to upgrade? Let us know in the comments.

Source: WSJ



  1. No

  2. Got a 4K tv already & it’s brilliant for Netflix & BT Sports, it slightly improved visually my games but I can imagine a 4K game would look impressive. I’m willing to shell out for the PS4k. I have no interest in VR

  3. No. I don’t even have a PS4 yet due to other financial commitments/lack off free gaming time. When I do eventually get one, it will be the cheapest one I can get.

    I don’t care about 4K in the slightest, and surely any gamer who does has a PC rig capable of it? Seems pointless to me and will likely fracture the player base to some degree.

    If this PS4K starts to get exclusive games and devs start to favour it over the original (unlikely, I know) what’s my incentive to get involved with the platform at all?

  4. Battlefield 5 on PS4 to run at [email protected] (will be upscaled from 900p). Joking aside, I’ve no interest in a 4K console of any kind, especially when some game struggle to get the full beans in HD.

    You just know that WSJ quote means it’ll be expensive, and possibly a premium edition rather than a successor.

  5. I was expecting Sony to release a PS4 with a UHD Blu-ray drive, as they’ve always used consoles as Trojan horses for the next disk format.

    I was surprised to hear that they may be enhancing the gaming side, as this risks fragmenting the market. The power difference has to be big enough for people to want the new version, but not so big that it fractures the install base.

    I was planning on getting a UHD TV, UHD BD player and Sky Q later this year, so would consider a PS4K instead of a standalone disk player.

  6. A nice big hot cup of nope!

  7. I’d quite willingly buy one and a 4K TV if there was some kind of update on most games (GTAV) where you could also up the frame rate to 60fps.
    Saying that though, I haven’t been home much this year or been interested in hardly any games circling around at the moment, so have hardly been on my PS4… Bring on Uncharted 4.

  8. So, by releasing a PS4.5, aren’t they essentially saying that PS4 isn’t quite as suitable for VR after all? Could the release of a PS4.5 actually harm the early adoption of PSVR?

  9. bundle in a ps vita,beta-max video and Sony disk-man and i will pick one up then place it in my museum of Sony fuck ups

  10. Seems a bit cheeky to release this after 40m people have committed themselves to your latest console. Both ms & Sony should’ve made their consoles upgradeable at the start.

    • But…but… it’s just a rumour! Pitchforks down, fella. ;-)

      • It’s a rumour confirmed by multiple, independent sources though.

      • The rumour is confirmed as a rumour or it’s now fact? It’s either one or the other, no? Not trying to be obtuse…just trying to understand what’s fact and what’s not.

      • An APU doesn’t exist that could power 4k games at anything close to the detail settings we see today, never mind at playable framerates! I would put my money on it just being a ps4 slim with support for 4k blu-rays and other non-gaming content. Games will still be native 1080p upscaled to 4k.

        The only way I see them making a ps4 that could actually play games at 4k is if they completely redesign the system with a discrete graphics processor instead of an APU, that would massively increase costs though so I don’t see them doing it.

      • This. This many times over. Been reading about what it would take and thinking “ah, that’ll be off in the future” as oppose to any time soon.

      • I think the rumourmill is getting things a bit muddled and it’s just a PS4 with a 4K drive. That would make more sense, allowing it to play 4K movies.

      • Yeah but AMD have showcased Polaris which can do 4K with no cooling, which is partly what supported the rumours last week.

      • Don’t worry, no pitchforks! I was just commenting in a “if it’s true” capacity.

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