HTC Admits It Should Have Been Clearer Regarding Vive’s Launch Plans

It has been a tough launch for VR in terms of actually getting the headsets to customers. Just yesterday it was revealed that Oculus Rift shipments have been delayed due to a component shortage, with some orders not set to reach customers until August. Now HTC are coming under increasing pressure as the shipments of its Vive headset become delayed, with payment issues also affecting orders.

HTC has admitted to Wired that it wasn’t clear about the launch plans, stating that it is shipping Vives to various regional hubs instead of sending them to customers from a centralised location. The company is stating that all pre orders given April delivery dates should reach customers by the end of April. However HTC won’t give specific dates and has stated customers cannot have a Vive sent to a location to be picked up, with that option only available if delivery is failed.

Source: Wired



  1. That’s an understatement… They also shouldn’t have used Digital River as a distributor, who have a history of fouling up launches that goes back years.

    For example –

  2. Sony delayed the PSVR launch because demand was higher than they had expected, seems like Rift and Vive should probably have done the same.

  3. I’m surprised by this. I would have thought HTC would have better experience in launching and distributing hardware from their phone business, Oculus at least have more of an excuse being new to all this (although it’s not excusable).

  4. Kudos for them admitting to cocking up but they kidna should have seen it coming. But it does sound like they put their trust in the wrong company thus the launch being a bit of a feck up.

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