PlayStation VR Tops Brand Awareness Poll

Research firm Superdata has published a report about the various virtual reality headsets coming to the market and has found that more Americans know about PlayStation VR than other rival products. They also predict the Sony device will claim the market share, taking almost two thirds of sales.

PSVR will be this year’s winner when it comes to high-end devices, taking on 69% of PC and console’s combined shipment totals this year.

Superdata found that six million Americans planned to buy PSVR, with five million opting for Oculus Rift, although at the current production rate there is no way Oculus can fulfil that many orders which may cause consumers to opt for another product. The HTC Vive trails far behind with an estimated two million sales.


Obviously we can take these predictions with a pinch of salt but Sony would be over the moon with six million sales in America alone, add in a couple million more for Europe and Japan and that would make this the biggest platform launch in Sony’s console history. The PS4, which is the current record holder, managed 4.2 million sales by the end of 2013, which would be a roughly comparable time period.

However, over half of those surveyed, a whopping 52%, said they are uninterested in purchasing a device or do not know what VR is, and 26% said the cost was too high.

Source: Superdata



  1. Sounds pretty much like common sense to me. Existing install base, cheaper headset, console doing better than any other console ever.

    The rest also makes sense. Most people aren’t interested or in the know.

    • Not to mention the more accessible price of both console and PSVR hardware. That’ll no doubt be a deciding factor in placing the device within the mainstream.

      • Pricing is huge. There’s a reason why there’s so many Fords on the road compared to Ferraris. Same with the more affordable PSVR let alone the branding clout Sony lends to it all (and the install base).

  2. I reckon the biggest issue with Oculus and Vive, apart from the cost, is the spec of the PC required to run these HMD’s. A problem Sony doesn’t have.

  3. How does 6m proposed sales vs 5m + 2m for oculus & vive = a 69% market share?

    • It says in the article that the Rift will be unable to produce 5 million units hence more sales for sony.

      • Surely that isn’t correct? Your theory is sound but if accurate, that’s some scary numbers for the Rift.
        If PSVR is seen as 6million which is 69% share, that allows for a rough estimate of 8.7 million total over all three products. Take off the 6 mil for PSVR and the 2mil for the Vive, that states there is only going to be .7 million Rifts available? Must be far too low, no?
        Like I say, theory isn’t a bad idea, it’s just I think it’s more likely that there are some very iffy calculations here.

        Mathematicians (Tony, I’m looking at you), fell free to correct my math skills here.

      • If the intended purchases were split 6/5/2 but Sony picks up sales from the other 2 failing to make enough…

        69% of 13m means almost 9m for Sony. Leaving 2m each for Oculus/HTC.

        But that assumes Sony can make enough. Which they probably can’t. And 9m is about 1 in 4 PS4 owners buying one this year? (Actually, it’s going to be less than 1 in 4, unless the PS4 stops selling millions)

        Which basically means… These research companies just pluck numbers out of nowhere. I can make up numbers too, especially if I get to charge $1500 to see them.

        Also, note that this research company lists the companies it works with, including Sony but not either of the other VR competitors.

  4. Even more if you take in account that PS VR will be out for significantly less time in 2016 relative to the others.

    But I think that the 52% not interested is actually even higher among the general public, so the sample probably wasn’t very representative.

  5. They need to come out all guns blazing with content at E3. Star Wars, GT Sport, and some unannounced games hopefully!

    • I’m not expecting anything regarding GT Sport, although I’m happy to be surprised. The Beta was due Spring, and we haven’t heard anything. Plus there’s been suggestions that it’s delayed. I’m pretty sure we’ll see Star Wars though.

      • A Gran Turismo game delayed? Such foolish gossip!

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