Early Copies Of Uncharted 4 Selling For £200

With Uncharted 4 little more than a week from launch desperate punters have flocked to online bidding sites, hoping to secure an early copy of the game. We reported earlier this that some pre-orders have managed to escape into the wild. Whether stolen in a violent attack or shipped early by various retailers, they’re out there. Naturally, people have been looking to make a quick buck from all the commotion.

With moments of the story breaking, dozens of copies appeared on eBay, Gumtree, DePop, and various other listing sites. Instead of gradually sloping off, prices have sky-rocketed over the past 48 hours.


Our initial search found copies going for £75 and upwards. Since then, it has almost tripled. Currently, the only eBay listing has Uncharted 4 listed for a whopping £200.

While it may seem crazy, eBay’s archives show that fans have been forking out close to that amount so far, the most expensive being £190.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (officially) launches on May 10th.



  1. Pardon my French but those buyers are so fawking stupid! Wait less than two weeks and buy it for 40£. Man, the idiocracy.

  2. I didn’t think there was much that’s worse for the industry than piracy, I guess this is it. Shall we get all outragey and report the listing to eBay? Yeah, let’s :)

    • Isn’t this piracy?

      (The old definition that is)

      They stole the goods while they were being shipped and now can make big money from it!

    • The silly wanker’s got his address and phone number under the Legal Info part of the listing, would Sony be interested in that Jim? Worth pinging them a TSA headed email?

      • Sony is no doubt scouring the web for early copies themselves. Apparently, some were shipped by Amazon which will no doubt cause confusion.

      • Ah okay, that’s good then. This guy has a photo of him holding many copies, seems like a stolen goods giveaway but then I’m no lawyer :)

  3. Why would anyone pay that much to play a game a few days before launch?

    I’d rather wait a few weeks after launch when the launch players have play-tested it and any necessary patches have been released.

  4. *falls of chair laughing*

  5. I see.

    *gets up and leaves the room. Is heard laughing his arse off outside for a solid hour before returning*

    I can get a PS3 for that price. I can get a laptop for that price. I can get a desktop for that price. I can get 10 £20 hookers or 1 £200 hooker.

    And yes, i can list everything else i can get for £200 but shan’t as well, that is boring.

    Also, anyone who pays for it is an idiot. I mean, it’s only 10 days(give or take) difference and well, is it really worth doing that then completing the game before anyone ese?

    Even CEX wouldn’t do that. Even Game wouldn’t sell a preowned copy for that much! (Then tomorrow, we find out that a £200 preowned copy of Uncharted Collection is a thing thus invalidating my comment)

    • I’d go for the more expensive hooker. You know, like an escort. I don’t know why I always had a fantasy that I’d do that.
      Can’t explain it.

      • But would you be willing to get that preowned or pay the online pass?

    • Have you got numbers for these hookers? the £20 or £200 ones.

      • Maybe. Have you got the cash?

        If so, meet me in the alleyway.

  6. Wow can’t believe people are that inpatient. My wife would have my nuts if I paid that much for one game. Hell I can by a whole heap of games for that amount or could just by a fancy mothers day present.

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