[UPDATE] Violent Assault During Theft Of Uncharted 4 Games

Sony have took the unusual step of posting a message that explains someone in the UK has stolen a load of copies of Uncharted 4. The news comes just days after a cunning thief cut through the side of a truck and stole a load of Nintendo games.

The full statement from Shuhei Yoshida can be read below.


We have some unfortunate news to report that a number of copies of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End were stolen while in transit. While we are continuing to work with the police to resolve the matter – which is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation – it appears that a few copies of the game have surfaced in the UK.

We know that very many of you have been looking forward with great anticipation and excitement to the latest masterpiece from Naughty Dog. From what I have played of Nathan Drake’s latest adventure, I can tell you that it is very much worth the wait. As with most Naughty Dog games, the unfolding story is such an integral part of the experience and for this reason we wanted to warn you to beware of the potential for spoilers to be posted by people with access to stolen copies of the game. An extremely talented team has worked long and hard to bring Nathan Drake’s greatest adventure to life and we would urge you to help us prevent this from being spoilt by purchasing copies of the game ahead of the launch date. Please rest assured we will be very vigilant to protect you from this as far as we can so you can enjoy Uncharted 4’s experience to its fullest on May 10th.

UDPATE: MCV have further details

“We can confirm that unfortunately some contents from a lorry transporting a variety of video game and DVD titles, including a quantity of the much anticipated Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, was stolen in the UK, during a violent assault,” a spokesperson told MCV

“To be clear, we have yet to ship any stock of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End to retail and so any suggestion that UK retailers have broken the official street date is not correct.”

So in other words, if someone is playing Uncharted 4 in the UK they have one of the stolen games. That should make the investigation much easier, Sony can have a look at who is playing the game and pass on the details to the Police. According to MCV any copies sold by CEX or on eBay are also stolen.

Source: EU PS Blog /MCV



  1. Is there an arrest warrant out for Phil Spencer? :D

  2. Unless they play it off line and well, let’s face it, it would be common sense to do it off line until launch. But CEX? Yeah, i’m kinda not surprised that they may have stolen copies. I mean, my local branch had an Ocolus Rift Development Kit last year.

    But first Nintendo, then Sony?

    I think Master Chief is being very petty thus targetting the competition. Or it’s Major Nelson wanting it without being caught. :P

    • I went in CEX once to sell an old phone and felt like I needed to burn my clothes and spend a week in quarantine when I got home. Awful place. So depressing. I’d throw my phone in the bin before going in there again.

      • My local branch is good but i have had games and dvds that are a bit shit in terms of quality. Mainly annoying skipping in some dvds(fortunately, the ones that do, i’ve more or less replaced) and the only game i’ve had that doesn’t work properly is Killzone 3. But yeah, they don’t really care. If they can sell it, they will and well, i thought i’ll never say it but Game is the better shop for games. DVDs, CEX if your branch is decent. CEX is good for games, i guess but i’ve seen questionable games been sold. I mean, they sell Season passes preowned. How the hell have they not been in some deep doo doo?

        Unless i’ve overlooked something, once the code is used, it’s gone.

  3. £150 on eBay, lol! Think I’ll just wait bruv…

    • That’s probably cheaper than the CEX price ;)

  4. I guess sites like Reddit is not safe from spoilers then. Damn, and I don’t even have time to play the game until almost two weeks after launch. It’s gonna be hard to remain unspoilt.

  5. Someone I used to work with once told me that people would steal meat from supermarkets to sell in the local pub at half price. Meat!?!?! Who would even think to steal a piece of meat? More to the point, who would buy it from a complete stranger in a pub?

    I don’t know what this has to do with Uncharted but I thought it was worth sharing in any event.

    • This is very true. It went on at my place, one of the big supermarkets, it was like a benny hill parody as they chased the guy with the meat through the warehouse as he attempted to dump it before they could catch him with it and he could deny knowledge. Funny thing is he did dump it and they couldn’t prove it.

      • Chav on Jeremy Kyle was accused of having an affair as she had herpes on her flange, and it turned out it was frostbite from nicking a frozen chicken from Lidl and stuffing it down her trackies. Even got the CCTV footage in to prove it.

      • And yet, it was still safer then eating any burgers from Tesco at the time!

  6. Cex is a nightmare for having stolen stock. They always have games way before release. I recall a scruffy smoke smelling antisocial polishman having a duffel bag full of new stock. But it was croydon so not so surprising. Cex downunder is completely different on how they run things here I still haven’t git used to it.

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