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Competition: Win Zombie Vikings & A Bunch Of Signed Goodies

There has always been something special about boxed video games, that feeling of actually physically owning something and it being definitively yours. And so to celebrate the release of Zombie Vikings Ragnarok Edition, we’re having a little giveaway.

Naturally we’ve got five copies of the game itself, which come with five exclusive arenas, two additional player characters and an art book, but there’s also a trio of t-shirts, and a signed sketch that will liven up any living room with a lovely image of the Viking undead. Just a little hint of the macabre goes a long way.


So we’ll have five winners, with the first out of the hat receiving a lovely package in the post with the signed art, the game and a t-shirt. The second and third will get a copy of the game and a t-shirt, while the runners up in fourth and fifth will have to content themselves with just the game. On the plus side, it’s pretty good!

What do you have to do to enter, though? It’s pretty simple, just leave a comment below or retweet the competition on Twitter (see embedded tweet below) – you can do both for two entries, but can only win once – and do so before 23:59PM BST on Friday 29th April. Not one second later. The winners will then be drawn at random, while our usual T&Cs apply and our decisions are final.

That’s all a bit straight-laced, though, isn’t it? So for a little fun, feel free to role play as a zombie and/or Viking as you comment below.


  1. I hope i’m not a Thor loser.

  2. Always rise
    to an early meal,
    but eat your fill before a feast.
    If you’re hungry
    you have no time
    to talk at the table.

    They sound like Zombies to me.

    Should make us submit a drawing like the Alien competition.

    Make us work for our prizes goddamnit :D

  3. I know no amusing zombie or viking jokes or puns.

    Just like everyone else on here then…

  4. “I kick @r5e for the Lord!” Or prizes! Thank you.

  5. Nice prizes.

  6. Errrrrrrrrr… What do you get if you meld Rob Zombie, Stevie Vai & BB King together… Zombie VaiKing.

  7. WOW! Great t-shirt with some oldskul heavy metal vibe :-)

  8. Got to get in on this, I do love my gaming t-shirts (and zombies) … hopefully I can add another to my collection (t-shirt, that is, not zombie).

  9. Yesssss pleassssssss.

    Sorry that is more Judge Death than zombie but you get the idea I’m sure.

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