Codex Worlds Confirms Infinium Strike Will Release On PS4 Later This Year

Codex Worlds has announced that it will be releasing its action strategy game Infinium Strike on PS4 in Q3 2016. The game’s plot focuses on a human race close to extinction after aliens known as the Wrag start a ruthless campaign. The war sees the Wrag destroy human colonies scattered across the stars, but with extinction on the horizon humanity launches Operation Freedom.


It appears players will take control of the ship TSF Freedom Strike, which is an experimental ship that can repair itself and send out almost unlimited drones to fight the Wrag. Infinium Strike is expected to launch on PC July 13th. The PS4 date has not been specified.

Source: Press Release


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  1. lofty premise, but looking at some gameplay video it looks like a variation on Plants Vs Zombies.
    same sort of lane defence gameplay.
    quite underwhelming really.

    still, it could be fun to play.

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