Hideo Kojima Fully Shows Off Kojima Productions Icon Ludens

It’s been a few months since Sony and Hideo Kojima confirmed that Kojima Productions next game will be PS4 exclusive. At the time a new logo for the studio was revealed too, showing what appeared to be a skull in a space helmet fashioned after a classic knight design. Now Kojima has shown off a bigger picture of the icon, and its name is Ludens.



Kojima has stated on Twitter that the suit Ludens is wearing is an extra vehicular activity (EVA) creative suit, and that the studio will be delivering the “new play in the new future with the cutting-edge equipment, technology, & the frontier spirit.”

Source: Twitter

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  1. Cutting-edge technology like VR perhaps? Either way i’m interested in seeing what he does next. I wonder if Ludens met Bowie on his travels..

  2. Oh Kojima, you big tease. There’s something about the image and the name that scream RPG at me, maybe we’re in for something Mass Effect-ey?

  3. that’d fit right in with a sci fi themed Souls game.

  4. You’ll never see the logo the same way again. :-P


  5. Looks like a suit from later MGS games.

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