“Madness” Comes To The EU PS Store’s Mid-May Sales

There’s actually some pretty good savings in the “May Madness” sale that’s kicking off on the EU PS Store today. The biggest fish is that of The Witcher III, which is dropping down to £19.99, and while it’s been that price before and this is the rough price you can find it at retail, it’s still a good price for one of the most highly regarded games of last year. Certainly, it’s more inviting than the £34.99 that they think is a sale price for Grand Theft Auto V, or Dirt Rally’s £34.99 “Deal of the Week”…

The Evil Within is down to less than a tenner, Zombie Army Trilogy gives you an awful lot of zombie sniping for £11.99, and then there’s just tons and tons of other reductions, whether in this, the Digital Discounts section, or the selection of PS3 and Vita discounts.


The full list of links is as follows, courtesy of the EU PS Blog, but you’ll have to head over to the store for prices, as usual.

May Madness (until 01/06/16)

*Some titles may not be available in your region

Digital Discounts (until 01/06/16)

Other PlayStation Store deals & offers

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  1. Plenty of choice there!

  2. Dirt Rally for £35 is actually pretty decent, it’s £40+ in most places. Not a patch on the early access price though :P

  3. Infamous second son for 8 quid is a bargain to be had.

  4. The Talos Principle for £8.99 was too tempting to ignore. And from a quick go at it, I was right. Looks nice, sounds great, and puzzles that start simple and then quickly get to that point where they look overwhelming at first and manage that right mix of frustrating and satisfying.

    Even decoding the corrupt bits of text is proving entertaining. (Good job I can type Hex numbers into a webpage quickly)

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