Latest The King Of Fighters XIV Trailer Show Modes, Releases August 26th In Europe

Deep Silver has announced that it will be publishing SNK’s The King Of Fighters XIV in Europe, and that it will be released on August 26th in the region. Alongside this announcement the Deep Silver have released a new trailer, which shows off different game modes and the various teams that will be present in the game.


The King Of Fighters XIV will have 50 characters on the roster and a story mode too, with online multiplayer also part of the package. There will also be online training where you can learn to play the game with more skilled players, which I personally think is a great idea. You can also pull off combos just by mashing the square button, which evens up the playing field a bit between beginners and experts too.

The King Of Fighters XIV is a PS4 exclusive.

Source: Youtube

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