Dambuster Working To Improve Homefront: The Revolution’s Performance

This story borders on being thrown into the “obvious news” bin, but as one of the major complaints in Jim’s review of Homefront: The Revolution, it’s worth addressing.

Dambuster Studios have come out on the Homefront forums to acknowledge that the frame rate in the game is not up to snuff, and that they’ll be working to fix it in upcoming patches.


Community Manager Craig Turner wrote, “But we’re also aware that performance – particularly frame rate – is not currently where we want it to be, and we are working on additional patches to help address these issues and more. Patch notes per platform will be available on the community forums and on Steam when they go live.”

The game is out today in the UK, but they’re not waiting to start doling out post-launch content. The co-op Resistance Mode road map has been unlocked, as well as a bunch of new customisation pieces frin the Punk and Anarchist outfits and a pair of Hail Mary boosters as consumables, which will help you get through the trickier missions. Three more missions will be on the way before the end of June, and plenty more are planned for after that.

Source: Homefront forums via Eurogamer

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  1. And why were they not aware of this before they released the game? Hmm? Because it seems pretty much everyone who reviewed the game noticed it.

    • It’s a big bugbear of mine and I keep posting about it but you are spot on…in no other industry would this be deemed acceptable yet developers are allowed to get away with this…fair enough in this instance it is not game breaking…

      But does it actually taint gamers views on a developer? I’m still smarting from Skyrim on the PS3 which was a day one launch buy yet took a full year of patches to get to be playable…

      It’s the same story for nearly every new game on the PS4…barring Naughty Dog’s games because they do quality control as it should be!

      • Other industries do similar, take a look at Vauxhall and their amazing burning car recall.

        I do think though that in the case of this particular game, patching it now, is a little like taping up some poor horse’s leg after it’s fallen at Beeches Brook.

    • I’d like to see Microsoft & Sony take a stand against games like this when it comes to quality control. Unrealistic I know, but I’d have total respect if either of them rejected a game due to it’s performance being so poor.

  2. Concidering there’s been zero marketing for this games launch (at least I didn’t know it was coming out), you’d think they could have easily delayed it to make the game be “were they wanted it to be”.

    It doesn’t fill you with trust in a company, when they release products that even the company themselves don’t find entirely acceptable.

    • I’ve seen quite a few ads on the tube and on the side of buses, so it wouldn’t have been easy for them to delay it.

      But it sounds like these issues are not the sort that would just suddenly appear, so they have no excuse really. They can’t believe that critics would ignore the significant issues so they only have themselves to blame for the poor review scores.

  3. Good to hear but even if Dambuster does manage to fix the framerate, there are plenty of other troubled areas that need attention.

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