Deal With The Aftermath In Homefront: The Revolution’s Second Single Player DLC

After yesterday’s presidential election results, there’s a kind of tragic comedy to the timing of the latest Homefront: The Revolution single player DLC. It’s out today and picks up the story after the Battle for Philadelphia has taken place. The Resistance now has much of Philadelphia in its control, but the KPA are broadcasting morale destroying anti-resistance messages from one of their own.

Playing as Ethan Brady once more, you take it upon yourself to stop the broadcasts, and this sees you heading into new areas of occupied Philadelphia on a one man mission.


Single player DLC is paid for, with this expansion part of the season pass or costing $5.99 or its regional equivalent, but the cooperative multiplayer DLC is all free.

Uncle S.A.M. is a new mission that’s being added in a patch this week. You have to team up to counteract KPA air superiority by deploying surface to air missile launchers and then use them to take out their Air Force’s high command.

These additions follow on from the recent performance patch, which went a long, long way to stabilising and fixing the game’s shaky frame rate and bugginess from launch.

Source: press release

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