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What We Played #256: Overwatch, The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine & HTC Vive

I have, just as last week, played an awful lot of virtual reality games in the last seven days. Some have amused me for a short while, others have made me want to see more, and there’s been some genuine surprises along the way. Audioshield was one that really stood out, and so did the Budget Cuts demo, which was quite excellent.

Obviously, you’ll be best served heading over to read our review content, with the hardware itself, and then, count them, one, two, three, four articles about the games currently available for the system. I’ve a few snippets of video as well, that I might pull together into a showcase some time next week.

Aside from VR, the most time I spent playing games was with Overwatch, which I sunk a good few hours into. Though there’s 21 heroes to choose from, I’ve literally only played as Mei in the 4-5 hours I’ve played. I just love being an annoying little git, slowing people down to a halt, blocking their paths with ice walls, and even doing the occasional bit of counter sniping. She’s the best.


Starting with Tuffcub this week, he’s been playing Just Cause 3 and thoroughly enjoyed blowing stuff up. The same can’t be said for Alienation, which he found very disappointing at the end, as well as a dash of Bubble Bobble and Rocket League with the husband.

He also returned to Wander, just to see how it fared:

Version 1.0.2 (they seem to have made just two updates) brings day and night cycles, clouds, and has fixed a lot – but not all – of the horrendous pop up. Technically it’s a much better game, but actually there still is no game, nothing to do apart from run across identical islands without a soul in sight.

Aran can’t tell you about Soul Axiom just yet, but he’s been diving into The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine. He’s spent most of his time just exploring Toussaint instead of following the main plot, but he’s just encountered who he thinks is the main villain of the piece.

Jim’s reviewed Dangerous Golf and briefly returned to Dead Island for its remaster, but his thoughts are also in Toussaint, having spent a little time polishing off the Hearts of Stone expansion before seeking new adventures. Before that, he turned to his backlog and played a bit of Thief. He’d hoped to beat it this past week, but found a handful of good ideas let down by poor guard patrols, rubbish combat and a dumb story. “I’m starting to accept that sometimes it’s better to let them go,” he said of his stack of unfinished games.

No such desires for Kris, who has returned to Killzone: Shadow Fall, in an attempt to finish it once and for all. He’s nearly through he things, but might be done with it, if he hadn’t been playing the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game on iOS. It’s the fighting from a turn-based RPG, but with a bit too much XP grinding for his tastes.

Dave’s been a busy bee, reviewing Hard Reset Redux and Anima: Gate of Memories – this for next week – as well as playing Overwatch and Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright. Oh, and he even found time to be thoroughly disappointed by TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan.

Finally, we turn to Dom, who enjoyed his time with One Piece: Burning Blood, but found it rather exclusive to One Piece Fans. His internet-less void – that has thankfully come to an end – also saw him playing Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 on the Wii U, with his son acting as monster spotter and potion alerter. Even without his son for backup, he reckons he’s sunk over 300 hours into various version of the third game, and would still be happy to be stuck on a desert island with nothing else to play.

Now, what have you been playing this past week? Let us know in the comments, but if you’ll excuse me, I have Mirror’s Edge Catalyst to go and play…

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  1. Overwatch overwatch & more overwatch, it is just addicting, I got bored of Uncharted so bought overwatch & ever since its been love made in heaven

  2. Played some Overwatch. Very good porn. 10/10! Oh, i don’t actually own the game on account of not having a PS4 but it is a very good porn. The Single Player is amazing! So many hours of enjoyment to be had! Kinda disappointing that it only lasts a short amount of time and the replayablitiy is varied!

    What? Overwatch is the best porn i’ve ever played. Wait, it’s not meant to be porn? Damnit! :P

    Joking aside, I could see myself enjoying Overwatch if i had a PS4, decent net. Looks fun, smells fun, tastes fun and dat ass!

    What? It’s friday, i don’t care so i get to make this joke. :P

    Ok, fine. I actually played GTA V. Had sex with a hooker as franklin, went to the titty bar to see some big american titties! and playing it at a relaxed pace to try to do everything i didn’t do last time. Along with seeing what conversations will occur during hanging out.

    Oh and I entered the Interview level in the Real Life game. Swear it’s buggy as hell. Yet to load the either failed stage notice or the next level. Whoever coded this was a lazy bugger! Taken me 23 years to get here and some fecker deleted my progress in the Apprenticeship path. Almost a year since i’ve had to restart the get a job objective.

    Now, if you excuse me, i’ve got overwank… i mean Overwatch porn to research for a forum thread.

    • Oh, Steven… You’re a silly one.

      • It’s vital that i look at Overporn to help breathe life back into the corpse of the forums! It’s not because Overwatch porn is addicting or anything or that i’m just being silly for the sake of it and can’t view porn due to EE having a shite age censor the prevents me from disabling it or anything! Overporn is a good game. Just needs the lube expansion to come out.

  3. Mostly Halo 5 for the past two weeks, and it’s been utterly awesome. Had tons of fun in Warzone and Arena with some standout matches in the latter. The campaign was surprisingly good, both in story and pace, and the music will be going on the Birthday list as I think it’s quite possibly one of the best scores I’ve listened to in recent years.

    Also the usual Borderlands 2 with Blast71, and a bit of the Porsche DLC on Forza 6.

    I’ve also now got something super awesome just come through the inbox in the form of a closed beta code for a certain upcoming Codemasters game, details of which are hush hush. Looking forward to it though!

  4. A few rounds of PGA with Forrest and Pixel and some GTA online with Forrest, Pixel and heedbaw.
    Some Dead Island Retro Revenge.
    Some Dangerous Golf.
    Some Risk of Rain, which I’m really enjoying.
    Lots of Binding of Isaac Afetrbirth.

  5. Uncharted 4. That is all…

  6. Uncharted 4 dropped through the letter box but I’ve only managed to find half an hour free, so I’ve been enjoying the trials. Beautiful game, can’t wait to get an evening set aside to hit the story!

    • You’re in for a real treat Ron, it’s an absolute corker and an amazing finale to the series.

      Well, I played UC4 to platinum and have just started the PS+ freeb Tabletop racing which seems ok but limited to track variation and choice. What’s with the 70’s Scooby Doo stock camper van being faster than my fully tuned Dodge Brawler kart tho’? lol

  7. Having completed Uncharted 4 i immediately wanted to replay the original Drake’s Fortune (remaster). As i’m playing it, i realise just how much of the original game elements made it through to UC4, and as dated as it’s graphics might be now, the remaster holds up really well.
    And i had forgotten how frustrating the Heading UpRiver chapter could be.. :/

    • Heading up river on crushing… AKA… #!*@”ing ^#*>!ing ¥#!<erd #^!<*er \*@t. Great game though.

  8. I had Doom and The Witcher 3 for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, played the first couple of missions of Doom and thoroughly enjoyed it but thought I’d give The Witcher a shot before I became too engrossed in demon slaying but that was a massive mistake.
    The Witcher has completely sucked me in, what a fantastic game! Only about 15hrs in but already splashed out on the season pass. Wish I’d discovered this game sooner to be honest, I can’t see Doom getting another look in any time soon!

    On top of that I’ve bought quite a few games in the various sales lately so my backlog is pretty daunting now… The Talos Principle, Sleeping Dogs, DmC, Beyond: Two Souls, Watch Dogs, Hitman, The Uncharted Collection… Plus some kind souls sent me Zombie Vikings ;-) and I’m tempted by the sale on Just Cause 3 and Until Dawn… Too many games, should keep me busy until 2017 easily!

  9. 6hrs of rooftop mayhem with Faith in mirrors edge catalyst..
    and bloody goat simulator.why oh why did i download this?
    its strangely addictive.

  10. Mostly the Division again, did the second incursion, and some Uncharted 4. Didn’t even get around playing the Aston Martin event on Driveclub, even though I love these cars.

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