Community Chronicle: 05/06/16

Tennis fever is going to hit the country in a couple of weeks, when Wimbledon gets under way, but it’s currently Paris’ turn and there’s another big fight between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray to add to their respective trophy cabinets.

Djokovic has generally had the upper hand over the last couple of years, but might Andy manage to pul something out of the bag on the clay courts? Well, it’s already underway, so you just need to flip the tele on to find out!


The rumours of new Xbox One hardware took on a new twist this week, with E3 categories suggesting that Microsoft will be partnering with Oculus to bring VR to their console.

“They’re a wee bit late getting on the VR bandwagon,” Camdaz said, “but there will be a lot of Xbox owners happy after reading this.”

“Scorpio now makes a lot of sense,” The Von Braun said. “After the consumer knock down of not wanting Kinect as standard with XB1, MS were never going to be 1st to jump in with VR [but] having seen pre-order sales for PS VR and fact you need more powerful hardware to pull it off, MS are going with a later launch so this time they can use Sony’s approach and boast the most powerful console hardware.”

A much more pessimistic Starman wrote, “I thought they were going to be sensible and stay out of the VR shenanigans, aside from the Oculus compatibility (that’s not proper VR anyway). Hopefully they don’t go all out with this. It’ll ultimately fail like all the other VR’s.”

Well, we’ll have to wait and see, won’t we?

Elsewhere, there was the disappointing news that Gran Turismo Sport won’t feature dynamic weather and time, as has been in the series’ most recent entries, in order to improve the frame rate.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow for some, with JesseDeya saying, “As a former fan of GT, this was one of the distinguishing differences that made it amazing. Now? Well, with Project Cars, Assetta Corsa and soon Dirt Rally supporting Oculus on PC (and looking amazing), and the news that Forza is probably coming to PC from now on… GT might be on its last legs for me.”

Beeje13 also made comparisons to rival racers, noting that “Project Cars can handle an all manner of weathers situations, and different time cycles and progression at different speed options. Hits 1080p 60fps unless you’ve maxed out the car count.” He concluded, “I have to say I’m underwhelmed by GT sport so far.”

Pondering the reasons, Avenger added, “I’ve been racking my head over what is actually going on with GT and the PS4. They should have plenty to work with, and other devs seem to be getting along just fine. I do understand that they may need to aim for a consistent framerate for VR, but other racing games are managing 60FPS and looking better just fine.”

How are you feeling about Gran Turismo Sport at the moment? Are you underwhelmed, as many people seem to be?



There’s been a lot of Overwatch being played by some people, but there’s still a fair number of Uncharted 4 discs in the PS4’s drive as well. TSBonyman’s completed Naughty Dog’s latest, before returning to the original and finding it holds up rather well, while Freezebug has managed to clinch the platinum from UC4.

He’s also been dabbling with TTR: World Tour this past week, but it’s Crazy_Del who’s added the platinum trophy to his collection there. He’s on 282 platinums now, so it’s probably time he starts thinking about what will be his 300th…

Avenger’s been over on his Xbox One playing Halo 5 for the last couple of weeks, and while multiplayer Warzone and Arena fights have been his bread and butter, he was pleasantly surprised by how good the single player was as well.

But really, most of you are simply plugging away and having fun with all manner of different games. It’s been a busy start to the year, and there’s more than enough to play without worrying about trophy hunting!

The trophy leaderboards are on a hiatus at the moment, so after a rather brief Chronicle, all that’s left to do is bid you farewell for another week.

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  1. Regarding GT Sport, i kinda care little for GT but the decision to remove what i think, is a very easy feature to implement on the PS4 was a daft one. I mean, if Bethesda managed to fix Skyrim on the PS3 and retain the weather, time mechanics, GT has no excuse. I mean, the PS3 was criticised a lot by well, everyone for it’s crap amount of RAM.

    Also, E3 is soon! Damn, the last year has gone quickly. I may be found in the corner, huffing can after can of dr pepper due to me being still unemployed.

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